Is “Caitlyn” Jenner Serious About A Lifetime Transition? (Updated 6/14/15) #BreakTheInternet

This week Bruce Jenner truly “broke the internet” as his step-daughter Kim Kardashian claimed to do a few months ago. Bruce’s big reveal as “Caitlyn Jenner” put Kim’s news of a second pregnancy on the back page when both were revealed simultaneously. The Jenner/Kardashian families are famous for spinning social media, making sex tapes, overtly sexual images, underage illegal activities, “Krappy Klothing”, video games, and an Olympic gold medal thrown in for good measure. While the Kardashian empire seemed to over shadow Bruce’s achievements, this week’s news changed that forever. But what are Cait/Bruce’s long-term intentions with the world’s attention?


“If I can make a buck I will, I’m not stupid”– Bruce Jenner to Vanity Fair May 2015

After 25 years of marriage to Kris Jenner and watching her manage the careers of her daughters, just how much media savvy did Bruce absorb? Kim, Khloe,and Kourtney created an empire by manipulating their fans/press through social media spin with Kris at the helm. Kris has a nickname given to her by the press #PMK (Pimp Mama Kris) that is well-deserved. She routinely sells her daughter’s bodies, images, and products through aggressive “pimp-like” promotions, and their privacy through 10 seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Bruce has had first hand experience marketing his image through Kris’s spin machine and is putting that education into action with “Caitlyn.” Savvy Caitlyn won’t have to pay Kris her 10% now that the duo is divorced……well played Bruce.

caitlyn-jenner-kris-jenner “Gender was only 20% of the reason for my divorce. The other 80% was how I was mistreated by Kris.” Caitlyn Jenner to Vanity Fair

Bruce as “Caitlyn” is expected to earn an estimated $500M for his continued transition story through television series, a 3-book deal, and expected cosmetic company endorsements, etc.”Caitlyn” broke the record for most new Twitter followers in an hour previously held by President Obama. “Caitlyn’s” marketability is unlimited as a transgender former Olympian with the most famous family name in the USA today. All of this attention and multiple endorsements would disappear overnight if “Caitlyn” does what some are predicting already. What if Caitlyn changes her mind?

“I haven’t been the greatest father” – Bruce Jenner


Bruce is on record stating his gender was only 20% of the problem in his marriage? That make no sense. if he were as tortured as he claims wouldn’t it be more in the 80-90% range? Bruce tried hormones 2 or 3 times over the past 40 years, then switched back into cross-dressing. Bruce obviously enjoys sex with women and has numerous children to prove that point. All of the surgical procedures Bruce has had so far are reversible.Perhaps the main reason the public is hesitant to fully embrace “Caitlyn Jenner” is outlined in a June 3, 20015 “Page-Six” article:


If and when Bruce Jenner takes the last step to correct his lifelong dream to become a complete woman I will refer to him as “Caitlyn.” ( Women don’t have a penis Bruce, men do. Until you complete the gender reassignment surgery the public will doubt your resolve to become a forever woman, and consider this an opportunity to earn big bucks.) Bruce was a cross-dresser for over 40 years. Perhaps the penis will tell the ultimate truth of Bruce Jenner?

UPDATE 6-14-2014

Caitllyn/Bruce Jenner has flip/flopped again! According to a Twitter post dated 6/12/15


The Kardashian spin machine is in high gear! Kris Jenner certainly was displeased with how she was portrayed in the Vanity Fair article by Jenner. Jenner blamed Kris’s treatment of him for 80% of his reason for divorce and his gender issues only 20%!! Now Cait/Bruce is again changing stories praising the wonderful “love and good times” he had with Kris Jenner. My Reality TV jaded heart still isn’t convinced Jenner will ever complete his genital reassignment.   

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5 Comments on Is “Caitlyn” Jenner Serious About A Lifetime Transition? (Updated 6/14/15) #BreakTheInternet

  1. I think it doesn’t matter. I think Caitlin is trying to find her place in the world and that has to be confusing. I think the only thing about this, that is of any significance, is that the public embraced his transition. It’s sending a powerful message to anyone, especially young people, that is ok to be you. You are good enough and worthy of love and acceptance with or with out a penis. Period. Whether Caitlin wants to cross dress, identify as a woman but keep his penis, or go back to Bruce, he is worthy of love and acceptance. That is all that matters. That is all that matters to me any way.


  2. If Brucita is truly intent on becoming a woman, God help him! I doubt his intentions, based on his interviews. It sounds like he is doing it more out of spite for Kris than his own well-being.
    They say that a high percentage of transgendered actually realize they are still unhappy after all is said and done, and they go on to commit suicide. I would rather see Brucita go on an antidepressant that works than go through all f this and realize it was not the answer.
    I have nothing against the man, to each his own, however I think it is more a competition to see who can be the prettiest, and with all the estrogen surrounding him for the last 25 years, who can blame him for wanting top designers fighting for him, cosmetic endorsements, and money in the bank?. Bruce won a gold medal because of that exact same drive. Somehow I feel like his place in the shadows during the reign of the Kartrashians was very calculated, and he is poised to become the top dog with one fell swoop.

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    • bitchbybravo // June 6, 2015 at 6:43 pm // Reply

      I have to agree. Bruce has swayed on this issue for 45 years and has imbalanced his hormones many times in the process. He’s always had HUGE EGO and by watching #KUWTK seemed to grow unhappier as his kids became celebrities and stole ‘his” attention/spotlight. If he had been allowed to play “dress-up” with Kris and the kids we wouldn’t be watching “Caitlin” now. Bruce said gender was only 20% of the reason why his marriage failed? That’s because he’s truly a cross-dresser at heart. All the videos and interviews his main topic is his fun with hair and make-up. He wants to be like a Kardashian. I will believe he’s serious when the penis is removed. Right now he/she is cashing in at the expense of a trusting public and the transgender community.

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      • donewithbravo // June 30, 2015 at 1:23 am // Reply

        Good thread. I’m late to the party, but I’d like to add my thoughts. This all didn’t true to me from the beginning. I do think he likes to dress as a woman, but I believe that this is the BIGGEST and BEST Kartrashian coo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He isn’t arguing with Kris. It’s all bull. They both came up with this entire idea and branding. It has her name all over it. He’s pretending to argue with Kris, and to gain public support for her cruel ways, but I think they’re both laughing about how much $$ they’ll make with this new branding, take the profits, and then, who knows? He might not finish with the “peen” surgery! I’m just not buying the entire story. It all adds up to more ratings for him/her and for the K family. He was a creep in the past and I think that he still is a creep–just the least creepy in that sick family. He had issues with his mother, with his oldest children, and now he’s supposed to be instantly nicer and kinder b/c he’s transitioning into a woman??? NOT.BUYING.IT.


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