#RHOC Shannon Beador’s Marriage Victim of Bravo Curse? Beador’s Visibly Lack Chemistry As They Try to Hold on!

Shannon Beador was the only “Real” Housewife of Orange County during last season. She came to the show confiding to the other ladies (big mistake due to Tamra Judge) how unhappy her husband David had been with her and how she wanted to save her marriage. It was uncomfortable to watch Shannon interact with David on camera as her insecurities took over and he withdrew even more. At the reunion Shannon and David crowed their marriage “Was better than ever and we’ve never been closer!” But Shannon seemed to be the one putting forth the image. David seemed completely uninterested in Shannon and her mantra “Divorce Is Not An Option.” Watching middle-aged disconnected couples interact is painful to watch and worse when around the remaining cast of OC characters. beador 1

Cut to last night’s #RHOC season premiere of the Shannon and David (lack of) romance. He’s ready to better deal Shannon for a younger model he’s sexually attracted to, and it is revealed David has had an affair (Shocker). The only thing keeping David in that marriage is the $20M he would forfeit if they divorced.

Shannon Beador’s troubled marriage – which looked to be on a better path during last season’s reunion – was even rockier, as Beador revealed during a couples retreat that husband David had an affair.

“I caught him whispering to this person on the phone,” Beador said during the therapy session. “I knew something was wrong … I was told I was crazy. I saw all the hotel receipts. I asked him one last time, ‘Are you having an affair?’ He said, ‘Yes.'”

Continued Beador, “I will do whatever it takes to keep my family together.”-People Magazine

Wouldn’t it be better to separate with dignity and gain perspective, than to televise the demise? Shannon also stated her kids “found out” about David’s affair. Using your children to guilt  a husband into staying is poor parenting and will hurt their self-esteem in the future. Shannon needs to take stock of herself and love who she sees in the mirror before she can save this relationship. If she loves herself more maybe she will realize she deserves someone who loves her back.


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