#KUWTK Kylie Jenner’s Road To Ruin: Kris Jenner’s Liberal Lack of Parenting

Home recouping from successive back surgeries I watch an inordinate amount of TV to keep myself focused on anything but pain. Reality TV is mindless entertainment, but lately has become almost painful to watch. Channel after channel is showcasing the debauchery of minor children and calling it entertainment. The biggest offenders, in my opinion, are 17 year old Kylie Jenner from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and her “pimp” “Momager” Kris Jenner. After raising 2 daughters myself into adulthood, I find Kris Jenner’s negligence appalling. Why haven’t prosecutors in LA County stepped in to save this child over the years?

Kylie Jenner age 13 Meeting Rap star Tyga at her sister Kendall’s “Sweet 16” party. (Kylie hasn’t yet had fillers in her lips – tosses her hair/flirts wit Tyga) At the end of the video listen to more of Tyga’s lyrics that Kylie knew by heart at 13.

Kylie wasn’t successful in attracting Tyga in 2011 so she set out to gain some experience, just as her older sisters had done at young ages. Her next conquest was pop star Cody Simpson and she didn’t hold back. After Cody broke up with 13 yr old Kylie he spoke to Ross Mathews on his show Hello Ross, the 17-year-old joked saying the relationship fizzled because of the letter of ‘K’.The Dancing With The Stars contestant said he could have changed the spelling of Cody: ‘The whole K-O-D-Y thing didn’t work for me.” Judging by the photos Kylie’s Junior High status wasn’t a factor for the older Simpson who went on to date supermodel Gigi Hadid. Where were Kylie’s parents to stop her from dating an older boy who would want a sexually active girlfriend?


Jenner then moved quickly on to Miles Ritchie age 19…..kylie-jenner-up-close-personal-with-mystery-guy

Then to Jaden Smith whom she dated for 2 years. This image created a huge media uproar due to Jenner’s age at the time (16) and the fact that she posed with a shirtless Smith in his bed. Kris Jenner never commented nor reigned in her youngest daughter’s activities.


At Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Italy Jaden Smith was still Kylie’s boyrfriendKy and Ja
But someone that Kylie was still dreaming of was there too with the mother of his child. That’s right! Tyga aka Michael Stevenson Nyguen was attending with his then fiancee Blac Chyna! Chyna and Kim Kardashian were friends and Tyga was a close friend of Scott Disick. Kylie is said to have been the prime factor in the break-up between Tyga and Chyna. What kind of man begins grooming a 16 yr old reality star to be his next conquest? A pedophile named Tyga that’s who! chy

Shortly after Kim’s wedding Chyna and Tyga broke up and she moved out of Tyga’s mansion with their 2 yr old son King. Kylie asked Tyga if she could have her birthday party at his home and Tyga agreed. Kylie began to sex up her image on Instagram posing as a heavily made-up Kim Kardashian kopy. By the time Kylie’s birthday rolled around at Tyga’s she had completed her lip/face transformation. For her party she got a penis shaped cake, a stripper pole/runway, and Tyga himself offering her shots from his bottle (see clip)

What mother lets her 17 year old have a party surrounded by 50 rappers while she dances and drinks around a pole? Kris Jenner that’s who! This child was left to her own devices years ago and has no moral compass and no limits. Tyga is exploiting Kylie for his own monetary gain and fame. Who ever heard of Tyga before he was linked to Kylie? His next album is being produced by Kanye West and he has his own reality show on MTV beginning in July. I’m sure nailing a Kardashian/Jenner gives Tyga something to brag about in rap circles, but in California it’s a felony.



Kris Jenner had to give consent to this relationship. It’s the only reason Tyga has never been prosecuted. As Kylie herself recently stated,”My Mom is more like a friend than a mother figure. Khloe is my mom.” That explains the consent to date rappers, have plastic surgery, and pose for selfies all day. Great job Kris and Khloe! Too bad Bruce never stepped in but I guess he’s been a tad busy too.

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4 Comments on #KUWTK Kylie Jenner’s Road To Ruin: Kris Jenner’s Liberal Lack of Parenting

  1. #TRAGIC

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  2. gapeachinsc // June 10, 2015 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    Amen and thank you!!! These are all things I have felt for the longest time. I am completely unnerved by the fact that the media and public have embraced Bruce and are treating him like a hero, Truly, Kylie is on on the back burner and no one seems cognizant of the fact that she is a mere comodity to the Kardashian clan.

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    • bitchbybravo // June 10, 2015 at 5:57 pm // Reply

      Thank you for being on the same page! It kills me to see this as a parent. Kylie needed Kris/Bruce more than the other girls bc she truly grew up on a TV show. This kid is a hot mess while Mommy is telling her she fab and collecting 100% Reminds me of Miley Cirus and Lindsey Lohan…….sad.

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