#KUWTK Why Did Kris Jenner Allow Kylie To Date Rapper Tyga?

Kylie Jenner gloats about Kris Jenner being more of a friend than a parent. If you watched season 10 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you watched Kylie order Kris around and disobey her mother’s wishes. This 17 year old girl has absolutely zero respect for authority and no education in making adult decisions. Her biggest mistake thus far has been beginning an affair with 26 year old rapper Tyga, who also has a 2 year old son. Kris Jenner has given statements to the press that Kylie and Tyga are just friends, but Jenner has a long history of lying to media to protect the Kardashian machine. Tyga also gave several interviews in February denying romantic involvement with the 17 year old. First with the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

The second interview with “Hot 97” Tyga was joined by Chris Brown. Tyga and Brown were promoting their joint album “Fan Of A Fan” and his Kylie Jenner romance was just the ticket they needed to launch the record release.

To spin the machine even harder Tyga added the following pictures of Jenner to his Instagram account.


Tyga is aka “kinggoldchains” on Instagram. Notice his comments in the 2nd photo about the underage Jenner that were later deleted? He is bragging to the world that he has sex with 17 year old Kylie daily. Where is Chris Hansen and the team from “To Catch a Predator?” Tyga should have been arrested. He wasn’t because Kylie threatened to runaway and never speak to her mother again if Kris Jenner didn’t give consent to the relationship. Kylie has history of manipulating Kris by withdrawing her affection and disappearing. Once again she got her way and is living a life beyond her emotional maturity. When Tyga is done with his trophy girlfriend Kylie will be devastated and he will have plenty of material to rap about.

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2 Comments on #KUWTK Why Did Kris Jenner Allow Kylie To Date Rapper Tyga?

  1. Kris K. is such a disgusting pimp. I suspect that Kylie has learned quite a bit from both of her parents. She might possibly be as damaged as Rob. Ugh!
    How do I follow you, BBB?

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    • bitchbybravo // June 13, 2015 at 6:08 pm // Reply

      Nikki there should be a button below my post that says follow. I’m happy you are enjoying the blog! Welcome 🙂


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