Dear Kylie Jenner……Your Beautiful Face Is Missed! #KUWTK

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Dear Kylie Jenner,

Having watched you since age 8 on Keeping Up With The Kardashians I want to teach you something your fame-hungry mother forgot. You are a stunning “natural” beauty. It’s a sad fact that the house you were raised in was paid for by Kris turning Kim’s sex tape notoriety into a “reality” show millions. Mommy increased her income by pushing a hyper-sexual image/agenda on to your older sisters as you watched.( In season 1 Kris Jenner took nude photos so Kim would pose nude for Playboy) The tragedy is you were raised to see Kim as your future role model and something to aspire to.

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To be completely honest Kylie you never stood a chance. Kendall was older and had a bit more reserve and natural shyness to keep her from tarnishing her name and image. That’s how she was able to transition into legitimate modeling. You,being the youngest growing up on TV, became the rebel and relished seeing/learning things that were inappropriate for a young teen. Kim’s life and career became your own fixation.

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Kylie you took the Kim Kardashian path and became more aware of image. You posted shocking photos of your 16 year old face/body to instagram, becoming obsessed with image and taking endless selfies just like Kim. You also decided to ramp up the sexuality in your style to cause controversy. Exactly as Kim has done.

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At Kim and Kanye West’s 2014 wedding in Italy 16 year old Kylie wanted some of the world’s spotlight on her! She debuted wardrobe choices fit for an adult stripper, blue hair, and over-exaggerated make-up. It was also at Kim’s wedding where Kylie decided to get a rapper boyfriend for herself and began to pursue Tyga. Tyga was a guest with his girlfriend Blac Chyna. Chyna was a close friend of Kim Kardashian who knew nothing about Kylie’s agenda.

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After returning home from the wedding in hot pursuit of Tyga, Kylie again pushed her look to new extremes.She was able to get parental consent to inject fillers into her lips and is rumored to have had a Brazilian but lift-all in pursuit of looking more adult and curvy like sister Kim. Tyga prefers thick women and Kylie continues to alter herself to his ideal.

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Kylie you have 26M followers on Instagram inflating your ego and urging  you to new extremes.The tragedy is that you have no one around to guide you properly, only to make a profit.

Kylie needed you to be a mother Kris Jenner, not her BFF. Bruce should have waited on becoming Caitlin until after he guided Kylie successfully into adulthood.Shame on you Kris and “Caitlin Jenner” for your neglect. Do you even recognize your own daughter anymore?

I sure don’t


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4 Comments on Dear Kylie Jenner……Your Beautiful Face Is Missed! #KUWTK

  1. The things these children grew up watching and hearing would probably curl our hair. No innocence allowed at the K. house… #pathetic.sad.horrifying.

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  2. Sick and Tired // June 13, 2015 at 12:53 am // Reply

    This was the most intelligent, dead on balls accurate and well written article I think I have ever read on the Internet. BBB- you have a gift- thank you!

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