Alaskan Bush People: Discovery Channel’s Not So Real Reality Continues…….

I love the Discovery Channel. Especially the crazy crabbers of the hit show “Deadliest Catch.” You follow 6 Captains around the Bering Sea in search of King, Opi, Blue, and Red crab quotas and bragging rights. The drama is real and so are the risks. A few of the Captains stage practical jokes and an occasional family upset, but for the most part this is a true reality show. That’s why the fans love it ,and many a 1st time sailor has traveled to Alaska to become a greenhorn.dc

But Discovery fell off the “Reality” wagon when it began producing fake documentaries and engineered reality shows with gratuitous titles such as: MegalodonMegalodon: The New Evidence, Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine,Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, and a real winner about Mermaids.meg mer sh

Anyone with a brain could tell these were “Faux-Reality” programs engineered to fool a willing public that Mermaid photographs exist. Yet while these programs generate ratings, Discovery’s image has been tarnished in the process.

A brave announcement from new Discovery Channel CEO Rich Ross on January 8, 2015 via Deadline stated that he understood the brand had a course correction to undertake.

TV critics fell deeply, madly in love with new Discovery Channel chief Rich Ross this morning at Image (2) Rich-Ross__121030170026-275x301.jpg for post 362290Winter TV press Tour 2015 when he said he would not continue the network’s trend of telecasting fake stuff.

“It’s not whether I’m a fan of it,” Ross said, which critics let slide. “I don’t think it’s right for Discovery Channel, and think it’s something that has run its course. They’ve done very well… but I don’t think it’s something that’s right for us.”

“Do you haves plans to repair relationships with scientists and educators who felt those shows betrayed a mission and gave false information?” one critic asked eagerly.

Ross explained patiently he’d made a very strong statement this morning as to the direction in which he’s taking Discovery Channel, naming HBO veteran John Hoffman as Executive Vice President of Documentaries and Specials. “This was not just a signal, it was a message that it’s very important to us, and to me, that when people are telling stories and they’re delivering information that it is true and can be entertaining as well, which is mandatory.”

That’s was back in January. Perhaps Mr.Ross decided to quit producing fake documentaries on Discovery, but continues airing reality shows like “Alaskan Bush People” that have no basis in reality.

Sister blog “Stoopid Housewives” has uncovered the real truth behind the lies of “The Bush Family Brown” including indictments for fraud by 6 family members, Discovery channel leased lands the Browns claim to own, and the family lives in town while filming with the Discovery crew. SH has an archive of posts about “Alaskan Bush People” and I’ve included a few of them below:

I think I’ll stick with Deadliest Catch Mr.Ross

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