NEW!! Watch The VIDEO That Cost TYGA A Sexual Battery Charge NSFW! TMZ Reports Tyga Hasn’t Paid $50K Settlement In Sexual Assault Case!


Stiffed Sex Assault Accuser

… Allegedly

 #KylieJenner picked a winner! Her 26 year old “boyfriend” (aka single father of 2 year old King Cairo) has a sexual assault case settlement that’s overdue! Does Kris Jenner or “Caitlin/Bruce” know that their future ex son-in-law is also in the porn business and is rumored to have transsexual  affairs at Hollywood parties? Does the public not see what he’s turning the youngest Jenner into? You got it! “King Kylie Jenner” looks like a porn star complete with inflated lips, boobs, and ass. Is there no end to the stellar parenting and influence of Kris Jenner? TMZ posted the following>>>


The woman who sued Tyga for sexual assault has a Rihanna-esque message for him — “Bitch better have my money” — ’cause she says he still owes her a ton o’ cash from their settlement.

Allison Brown sued Tyga over a wild 2011 music video shoot … where she claimed she was plied with alcohol, forced to appear topless on camera, and dry humped by some dude in a rabbit suit.

She and Tyga settled the case out of court earlier this year, and according to her attorneys … Tyga was supposed to pay her $50,000.

Brown says she got half in February, but still hasn’t seen the other $25k.

She’s filed docs asking a judge to force Kylie Jenner‘s BF to pay the balance, AND tack on a financial penalty for her trouble.

No word from Tyga’s camp on the $25,000 question.

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UPDATE 6-15-2015>>>

Can’t describe how DISGUSTING this video is! Great job Kris Jenner for allowing Kylie Jenner to date this porn director! This is the edited version! The women in the lawsuit were also exploited in an X-rated version that shows full nudity. Kardashian/Jenners are now truly pimps who should be brought up on child endangerment charges…..

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1 Comment on NEW!! Watch The VIDEO That Cost TYGA A Sexual Battery Charge NSFW! TMZ Reports Tyga Hasn’t Paid $50K Settlement In Sexual Assault Case!

  1. THAT’S the ‘edited’ version?!!! WTH! I can only hope Kylie is making him use a condom. But you know he isn’t… Seriously, she will be lucky not to end up HIV+.

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