#RHONY Bethenny Frankel-From Bravo TV Funny Girl to Frankelstein Monster! Thanks Andy!

fr frankelstein

I miss the old Bethenny from S1 of “The Real Housewives Of New York City.” You remember her right? The cute single sassy pants looking for love and a career on the Upper East Side of NYC. We rooted for her because she was the underdog in a group of married women, the one who didn’t have 2 cents in the bank. We waited to see if she and Jason #1 would get married, watched her get heart-broken, and spend many Saturday nights at home alone with her pup Cookie. Her BFF Jill Zarin was there to pick her up and help her move forward, and cameras rolled as she poured the prototype for the Skinnygirl Margarita in a bar with “The Countess.”

rhony rhony2 bj bj2 bf

By Season 2 of #RHONY I was hooked! Bethenny really pushed to make a name for herself as a Celebrity Chef and as an author of “Naturally Thin.” The book became a NY Times bestseller and Bethenny- the breakout star from her reality show. Things began to change in Season 3. Model Kelly Bensimon was added to the cast and her brand of “crazy” did not bode well with Bethenny. The result was a “Scary Island” nervous breakdown by Bensimon, and a feud with jealous Jill Zarin over nothing. But love was on the Horizon! Jason Hoppy came into the picture and Bethenny blossomed, along with her brand “Skinnygirl.” The feuds and drama of the #RHONY cast didn’t impress Jason, and when Bethenny got pregnant mid-season she made up her mind to leave the show. Andy Cohen wasn’t going to let “his” star get away and quickly signed the couple to a spin-off show, “Bethenny’s Getting Married.” Andy Cohen would go straight for Bethenny in a HEARTBEAT.

b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6

Bethenny’s Getting Married” premiered in June 2010.and saw Bethenny  plan a wedding while heavily pregnant, adjust to living with Jason, launch her “Skinnygirl” beverage line, write a second book, and adjust to having Jason’s family in the picture. Deeply in love their wedding went off without a hitch. They took an amazing St. Bart’s Honeymoon where the couple could finally relax and be newlyweds. Bethenny’s manic return home to work/stress led her to pre-term labor and birth of daughter Bryn 4 weeks early. They looked tired, but happy, with the new life and baby. Still rooting for her too!

j2 j3 j6 j7 j4 j5 j1 bh

Bethenny and Jason signed to do a second season of their Reality Show cheekily renamed, “Bethenny Ever After.” Cracks in the veneer began to show. I couldn’t rationalize how B wouldn’t warm up to Jason’s parents?? They were the most loving folks ever to hit the airways! Jason was used to a close, loving, mid-western family,and Bethenny pushed them away like they were dangerous. She seemed to be an emotional wreck and in need of strong Psychiatric drugs. This is when I began to see the “real” Bethenny and that was strike #1. You don’t turn your back on a family’s love. #HardToWatch

Bethenny asks Jason to be more involved in “Skinnygirl” and he helps smooth over distribution problems, etc. Then both of their lives change forever when Jim Beam purchases the “Skinny” line of spirits for a reported $100M. As the couple begins their second year of marriage Bethenny’s micro-managing of her brand expansion,her Tribeca apartment renovation, and constant nagging turned her into the manic emasculation machine.She reduced Jason’s value as a man because he didn’t made his own millions.She no longer trusts anyone now that she’s rich, and her “damaged from childhood soul” can’t sustain a loving relationship. Jason loved Bethenny before the money and stood by her through every mood swing and outburst. Her mogul mind decided he was no longer useful to her brand (Thanks to the psychiatrist who agreed with her every word!) and that she didn’t really love him. After the season ended Bethenny commits brand suicide by filing for divorce and full custody. Perhaps she should have remembered that her talk-show was beginning production? Bethenny went on a media blitz to sway the public in her favor, until Jason’s lawyer had to issue a gag order to shut her up.The legal bloodbath that ensued has still not been finalized to date. Just like “The War Of The Roses” neither party will settle. Poor Bryn Hoppy is stuck in the middle! This is where I said “Goodbye B” and could no longer tolerate her idiocy.

See the Bethenny divorce tour 2013:

d1 d2 d3 d4

Bethenny’s karma has been swift. Her talk-show was a huge flop, sales of her beverages are down double digits, and her media persona has never been worse. (Her skincare website http://skinnygirlfaceandbody.com/ takes you to drugstore.com that no longer sells the stuff! )B’s lawyers and “Skinnygirl” brand team have pleaded with Frankel to settle her divorce to salvage public opinion, but her ego won’t let her. The millions she’s spent fighting Jason could have bought her a 3rd NYC apartment and paid for Bryn’s college! Instead the poor kid will need more therapy than mom before the dust settles.

Bethenny had one last trick up her sleeve to curry public favor……

ny ny2

The “B is Back” on #RHONY!!! Bethenny and Andy Cohen bubbled with excitement over her return. Both stating the ratings are #ThroughTheRoof…..true only if you live in the Shire and are named Frodo. Ratings are dismal with only 1.2M viewers last week.  Sorry Bethenny. You and your emotional breakdowns aren’t fun to watch, and you aren’t homeless in a Presidential Suite. Too bad there’s no going back to season one for you, and we are stuck watching the “Frankelstein Monster” you’ve become.


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