#KUWTK What Will It Take Before Kris Jenner Steps In To Save Kylie From Tyga? New Song Lyrics Glorify “Kardashian P**sy!!

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Beyond disgusting rapper Tyga released a song yesterday called “Pleazer”

The rapper, who is said to be dating Kylie Jenner, has a newly surfaced track out dubbed “Pleazer”—and the lyrics are not for the faint of heart.

E! news reports there’s one stanza in particular where Tyga seemingly brags about his, well, ahem, bedroom activity.

“I hit her/She backwards/Lickin’ her a–hole/My dick is the password/T nasty, ’bout to catch a felony for it,” he’s heard saying. And, you guys, that’s not even the most graphic part of the song!

Shortly thereafter, his pal Boosie Badazz carries on about having sex with someone—we don’t know who—whom he calls a “real dick-pleaser.”

“Get it? Just stuck that Kardashian p—y/Business-minded, but most of all she nasty for me.”

Hard to believe ANY mother would allow her child to listen to this “music” but #PMK (Pimp Mama Kris) could care LESS about being a real parent. Kylie Jenner herself has stated that Kris is “more like a friend” than a mother. Take a listen to the entire song here:



After a huge public outcry regarding the song and lyrics being slanderous to Kylie Jenner, the 25 year old rapper and FATHER of two year old King Cairo had this to say on social media.


Right Tyga…….because the first thing we associate with you and your music is class. Yes that’s sarcasm.

The song, however, is old, according to Tyga, who clarified the frenzy on Twitter. “Pleazer is almost 2 years old! It still bangs tho!”, alluding to everyone’s assumption that the song is about Jenner.

Is this the man you want for your daughter Kris? Or are you too busy to notice? You and your Kardashian spin machine need to worry less about following Kendall around fashion week, and more about the 17 year old schoolgirl still in your custody. Let me give you a tip. You can find Kylie Jenner most nights singing Tyga’s disgusting raps on Snapchat or posting promiscuous selfies on Instagram.

Glad I could help


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7 Comments on #KUWTK What Will It Take Before Kris Jenner Steps In To Save Kylie From Tyga? New Song Lyrics Glorify “Kardashian P**sy!!

  1. It’s too bad it is too late to save Kylie Jenner. But make no mistake, she is the victim of child abuse and neglect.
    And Bruce Jenner is no better than any other man who abandons his children all over the place. No birthday cards, no graduations, no Christmas. I suppose he thinks he is a man because he bought diapers. Wait, that was thoughtless, I forgot he thinks he is a woman. Oops. I’m trying to wrap my brain around his sexual transformation. He claims he is a woman trapped in the wrong body, but that he is straight and so his sexual preference is women. That would make him a lesbian. Yet, I don’t know any lesbians, and yes I know a few, who are interested in cross-dressing men. They like women. The only people that I am aware of who are into transsexual men are other men. So, I predict that the following season of I am Cait, he slowly comes to the realization that he is gay. One would have thought that he would have realized that he is gay first and then made the transition, but this guy is one f***ed up person. Who now thinks he is a genuine hero. Too bad he couldn’t have been a parent to any of his children. If it takes a team of four FIVE hours to get you ready to go out at the age of 65, and you aren’t handicapped or ill, something is not right. I think he has always put his own selfishness at the top of his priority list.
    Between this guy and Kris Jenner, these kids didn’t have a chance. Kylie must have very low self-esteem to date a guy like that.

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    • There is a new promo out for #IAmCait which features Kylie Jenner. Bruce is dressed up as Cait and opens his arms up to give Kylie a hug. Watch Kylie’s face. She can’t look at Bruce/Caitlyn without embarassment. #Fact


  2. So true. Even if you raise your kids to the best of your ability, and you are the best parent in the world, a seventeen year old daughter is a nightmare on wheels. Now that my kids are grown, and successful I can tell you that my daughter almost put me in an early grave. At least the take a taxi part sunk in but not much else at the time. No normal parents would let a kid get facial surgery, 48 lbs. of makeup and dress like a hooker. And live in a mansion by herself. I think it is safe to say that she has not been spending any time in classrooms, which must be why this illiterate, filthy-minded bum and she can converse. Disgusting that this man has been so preoccupied with his own vanity and happiness as a woman that he forgot to care about hia kids who are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they find it even mildly disturbing that Dad has boobs and gas declared himself a woman, they are superficial bigots. When in fact, even Howard Stern said that he could never do that to his daughters . I also read the Vanity Fair article . He’s furious with the Jenner offspring because they won’t be on his reality show. They are turning down a lot of money, however they want to be private and I don’t want to be reality TV stars and he told them off . And they are still not speaking . So, way to go Dad, your wishes and concerns and the way you want to leave your life is the only thing that’s important on earth. You can’t even respect your own children’s wishes because you think that your show won’t be as good without a family dynamic, and the Kartrashians are busy.

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    • I wrote an earlier piece here on Bruce Jenner pretty much stating the same views. He’s always been concerned with himself 1st. What parent could abandon 3 sets of kids/family??? Bruce that’s who! He’s going to make an estimated $200M this year because of his “transition.” His kids are DEVASTATED by this choice. They stay supportive in media, but none of them are happy about it. Bruce puts Bruce first and if his kids don’t like his decisions he just doesn’t care. He and his penis are still together so until it is removed he’s still Bruce Jenner cross-dresser to me.

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  3. Maybe if Bruce Jenner spent less time thinking about his looks and having 11 facial feminization surgeries, he could open his freaking eyes to the fact that he is the worst father in the world. This girl is 17, she lives in a mansion by herself, she has had a boob job and facial surgery and dresses like a slut. Has the word “college” ever salted the tongue of any of these horrible twats? Kris Jenner, you disgust me. Is it a requirement that your daughters marry misogynist rappers? Just disgusting. Some guy was singing a song like that and dating one of my daughters he would be taken out to the Everglades in a pick up truck with a shovel. Shame on this vain, narcissistic family, but mostly shame on the parents.

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    • Couldn’t agree more! As the mother of 2 teens 18 and 19 her neglect of Kylie struck a nerve. That kid is on her way to Lohan land while PMK tells her she’s fabulous and collects 10% off every mistake she makes. Bruce left every kid he’s ever had too! Both of them will find a special seat in hell someday.

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