Dear Los Angeles Police Department #LAPD: Do You Have Enough Evidence Now (Provided By @KylieJenner) To Arrest Tyga for Rape?


Kylie Jenner  puts her massive cleavage in a tight see through tank top shopping at  Agent Provocateur for Caitlyn Jenner for Father's Day on June 20, 2015

Kylie Jenner puts her massive cleavage in a tight see through tank top shopping at Agent Provocateur for Caitlyn Jenner for Father’s Day on June 20, 2015

WTF is it going to take for the Los Angeles Police Department to arrest scumbag Tyga? You are letting celebs blatantly ignore the laws! Kylie Jenner is a minor child. A CHILD #LAPD! How is it that her rapper boyfriend Tyga, already convicted of sexual battery, walks around free when he’s involved in a sexual relationship with a minor since she was 15? Her parents are weak narcissists too busy exploiting her, and the other Kardashian/Jenner spawn, for a buck to rock the boat. Kylie just admitted to the world via her profession “shopping” what she’s been busy doing with Tyga…..

After all virgins don’t shop at LA’s raciest lingerie store “Agent Provocateur”

According to “X-17 Online”

Kylie Jenner showed off some majorly big boobs when she wore a see-through tank to shop at high-priced lingerie store Agent Provocateur in Los Angeles on Sunday.
On Father’s Day, the teen, who is dating the much older 25-year-old Tyga, was out and about doing some sexy shopping for her main man. We have to say we don’t understand how this relationship is legal or how Tyga isn’t locked up or something — but apparently when you are banging a Kardashian you can get away with anything, even breaking those pesky statutory rape laws …
Kylie may have spent some time with Caitlyn Jenner, but all we saw was lingerie shopping photos and the Instagram of her, Kendall and friend Laura Cruz, sunning themselves at the pool. She’s absent from the off-roading family pics that Caitlyn posted. Clearly the girl’s got her priorities in order!
Also: have Kylie’s boobs always been that big? We get that she’s a teen and is still growing into her body and that a good bra can do wonders but those things look surgically enhanced if you ask us. They’re huuuuuge!
But what do we expect? The reality star was brought up in the self-absorbed world of the Kardashians with a momager for mother, who has given her carte blanche to do as she likes.
While Kylie may want the world to be envious of her fast-paced glam life — mostly we feel sorry for her …

It seems the paparazzi has turned on the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood now too. The teen shops dressed up like a hooker, and her lips obviously super inflated. It was only a matter of time before the 17-year-old got “slut-shamed” in LA. See the paps below asking Kylie “what that mouth do?” It must smart a little that he called her Kendall too.

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10 Comments on Dear Los Angeles Police Department #LAPD: Do You Have Enough Evidence Now (Provided By @KylieJenner) To Arrest Tyga for Rape?

  1. He and Chyna were together at Kim’s wedding as guests. A few weeks after they got home Chyna moved out of Tyga’s house after a sudden break-up. Shortly after Kylie had her 17th birthday party at Tyga’s house. They have been hooking up ever since. She broke up his relationship. Kylie is trash. If you ever read there is something on there about her today that is 100% true. I heard the same thing about her sisters. Kris Jenner gives great instructions about sex.


  2. donewithbravo // June 30, 2015 at 2:20 am // Reply

    Disgusting! And didn’t he have a child in between the last 3 years with her?? What parent would allow their young teen to date a 20-something-year-old-criminal????????? And, surgery on a teen? Disgusting. She’s not even done growing and they’re encouraging or supporting her to surgically change or enhance her young body??? She’ll be Kim.2 soon enough. Surprised she still has the messy hairline like Kim had 10 years ago. I’m sure that’ll change soon enough too. Sick family!

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