#KUWTK @Tyga Fighting at 4am With Club Owner! Guns Drawn As @KylieJenner Watches! Take Your Daughter Home Kris Jenner Before She Gets Hurt Physically! BE A PARENT

TMZ reported this earlier today!



Tyga left the club around 4 AM and got in his car with Kylie. The enraged owner was hot on Tyga’s heels, running out of the club, yelling for Tyga … a fight then broke out.

At that point Tyga got out of the car to join in the fracas, but an eyewitness says someone in the owner’s posse flashed a gun. That was apparently enough for Tyga to make a hasty retreat, leaving his bodyguards behind.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/06/26/tyga-kylie-jenner-fight-club-switzerland-gun-video/#ixzz3eBx5LL1Z

Tyga was quick to run crying to @Twitter this morning blaming the club owner! He is upset because the price of fame is so high and he HATES it. Wah Wah WAHHHHHH!!! You are dating a Kardashian/Jenner moron! You call yourself @KingGoldChains and travel the world #Kingin…..Face it Tyga. The only reason people still talk about you at all is because you nailed Kylie Jenner before it was legal. You thrive on fame and controversy. If you hate it all so much why are participating in an MTV reality show,”Kingin’ With Tyga” that debuts in 2 weeks? Because FAME PAYS YOUR BILLS!

ty2 ty3

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3 Comments on #KUWTK @Tyga Fighting at 4am With Club Owner! Guns Drawn As @KylieJenner Watches! Take Your Daughter Home Kris Jenner Before She Gets Hurt Physically! BE A PARENT

  1. donewithbravo // June 30, 2015 at 1:45 am // Reply

    Ooh, he sounds like a lil Kanye in the making. Wonderful. You’re paid to show up at a certain time and do your job. What an asshat. And, btw, where is the little bitch’s father/mother??? Brucie is just as responsible to be watching over his very young adult child too; not just PMK.


    • I have a huge problem w Bruce and his abandoning every child he’s ever had. He’s disgusting and Kris is unfit. Kylie needed a tough parent. Instead she got neglected and found a 26 year old “baby Daddy” to piss them all off and prove how “grown up” she is. #Gross


      • donewithbravo // June 30, 2015 at 2:41 am // Reply

        I wanted to believe that Kris was the neglectful one, going through a severe midlife crisis, but now it seems as though no one was watching over these children, ever. Granted, I never watched 1 entire KUWTH show and I’d never add to their corporate success, but as a parent of 2 young adults, this makes me sick. There is NO excuse for not caring for your children, no matter what the age! I still remind my children that I’d prefer that they wait until they’re 30 to marry or have children. So far, so good! Sometimes they do need tough love, no matter how much they cry about wanting to be an adult.


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