Alaskan Bush People Paternity Scandal! Scammer Billy Has Some Explaining To Do!! “Secret Son”

cav geiko

Billy and Ami Brown have some explaining to do! Bear’s secret twin deserves better than a gig at Geiko…

I AM NOT A CROOK... #AlaskanBushPeople

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8 Comments on Alaskan Bush People Paternity Scandal! Scammer Billy Has Some Explaining To Do!! “Secret Son”

  1. I anxiously await (post-holiday) of course, your analysis of the most recent episode in which dedicated survivalist Ami cries because her husband is gone for four days (?) In what can only be described as an edge of your seat thriller, they brave ferocious seas and narrate the many ways they could be killed on this deadly journey. Next week it shows them getting SNOWED on in their boat, something that takes them by surprise in Alaska and appears to render them into a state of frantic helplessness. Their other boat pales by comparison, so they put some water in the bilge and pretend it is sinking, with no investigation whatsoever, because they now have a better barge. Never you mind their philosophy that they could use that boat for parts and salvage, as they never met a dump that did not yield a treasure, they decide to let their boat sink right at the dock for somebody else to clean up.

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    • Your recap is perfection! I’ve found joy live-tweeting under hashtag #AlaskanBushPeople with a dedicated group of Brown bashers that are far more entertaining than the show. In fact I was so busy tweeting funnies, that the episode will have to be viewed again……ugh


  2. OMG! They are fraternal twins!

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  3. I’m dying. Did you photoshop that?

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  4. OMG, I thought you were serious! The resemblance is uncanny, however.

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