Caitlyn Jenner’s New E! Reality Show “I Am Cait” Doesn’t Sound So New. Maybe Kardashian Spin-off Is The Correct Description?

The E! network is playing promos for Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner’s new reality show,”I Am Cait” non-stop on TV and the web. It hits the air in an 8-part docu-series beginning July 27th. Jenner’s new show promos don’t have the same edge you would expect after the informative Vanity Fair article and candid Diane Sawyer interview. It has a (shudder) “Kardashian” air and flippancy to the format best displayed in the second clip below.

The newest promo hit the air yesterday – Courtesy of ET

I hope this program won’t just focus on make-up, selfies, and shopping, we already have too many of those moments with Caitlyn’s kids on E!  The promos are very superficial which is worrisome. The Supreme Court of The United States approved gay marriage in all states Friday which is a huge boost for all in the #LGBT community. Don’t let the producers at E! cheapen your message for ratings and money Caitlin. I don’t need to see you on a cliff in a flowing dress doing a maxi-pad commercial or shopping like your idiot daughters. Use your audience for awareness, not a contouring tutorial.

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15 Comments on Caitlyn Jenner’s New E! Reality Show “I Am Cait” Doesn’t Sound So New. Maybe Kardashian Spin-off Is The Correct Description?

  1. I feel this is real, I don’t think anyone will go through all this for anything other than were their heart is, I mean be realistic, that’s to much.


  2. donewithbravo // June 30, 2015 at 1:33 am // Reply

    Again, this all makes sense if you look at it like it’s the biggest PMK stunt, which is what I believe it to be. Why didn’t Bruce (I shant call him Caitlyn until his surgeries are complete) use another team on another channel?? Begin anew. No. He’s doing the familiar show with the people he’s known for a while. I have no doubt that his oldest children already caught on to this not being real. The K trash team will show up on his show for further ratings, I’m sure. This is as bad as the Real Housewives storylines left hanging for the next season.

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  3. Too late. In the Vanity Fair article, Caitlyn reveals that she told off the Jenner kids because they would not participate in her reality show. The reason they gave, despite the vast sums of money that is offered, is because they argued that she is using the very same production team, and people as the Kartrashian show. They thought it would not be done the proper way, but Caitlyn insisted on using the same team and so they insisted that they would not be on the show. This made Caitlyn very, very, mad and she told them so. She said her show needed a family dynamic to succeed and that since the Kartrashians were busy with their own show, that the Jenners had let him down. I find this to be very selfish and telling. Why, if he asks for there support and respect for being she wants to be, and they give it, can he not give them the same support and respect. They don’t want to be reality stars. Shouldn’t he be as tolerant of their feelings as they are of hers? I think she is a very self-absorbed individual. Also, I read that when the Kartrashians originally started their show they wanted to be included but Kris thought having Jenners would confuse the audience. So they felt rejected and hurt by that.

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    • Lots of rumors about the Jenner kids/reality shows. Brody Jenner has a show coming up called “Sex With Brody” featuring his GF and another guy. Kylie has already shot scenes on #IAmKait and I think the other kids will too. Not because they support what Caitlin is doing, but because they don’t want public backlash for boycotting it. Kris Jenner gave a gushy statement this week too about Caitlin. If they don’t all “appear” supportive it will damage Kris’s branding of #Kardashians.


    • Isn’t this family great? Super proud to live in a country where they are treated like royalty.


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