Shannon Beador’s “Real Housewives Of Orange County” Affair Story-line Brought Husband David Home #RHOC

Shannon Beador shown below promoting the Season 9 premiere of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” knowing full well she had issues in her marriage that should not be played out on TV. Shannon and husband David Beador have three daughters-all of which are old enough to be affected by the fallout from the infidelity/marital problems disclosed on TV.

*Shannon claims to be 100% real, honest, and down to Earth, unlike her co-stars,in the clip below. It is also revealed husband David is more reserved on #RHOC valuing his privacy, and that their marital spats play out on the show.

In June 2015 it was revealed several of Shannon’s cast-mates knew of husband David Beador’s affair in 2014, yet that was not disclosed on the show during season 9! Shannon sat on the couch during “The Real Housewives Of Orange County S9 Reunion” and blabbed that her marriage was better than ever, even giving the show credit for saving it! Of course Shannon knew about David’s affair! She sold the “David Cheated On Me” story-line to Bravo to ensure a spot in the season 10 cast and get David home from his mistress to film! (Meghan Edmunds was brought in for S10 after flirting with David Beador at Heather’s party in S9 to cause conflict with Shannon for her own Bravo story-line.)

Radar Online in August 2014 wrote the following:

“Divorce reports swirled Shannon and her husband David as their crumbling marriage was documented on the hit Bravo show, with Shannon herself admitting on her blog that she often felt neglected by David

But time has healed all wounds and Shannon now says the two are back on track. (Lies!)

“The bottom line is the show is on the air and you’ve got to develop certain story lines, so I get that. I’m going to be shown at some of my worst moments, because that’s the most dramatic thing to show.”

As Radar previously reported, Shannon has credited Bravo and the show to saving her marriage — but friends are still skeptical.

“We’re good!” Shannon insisted.

“The kids went to stay with my mom for 17 days so we went to Hawaii for nine days alone, which was longer than our honeymoon. Then we filmed the reunion in-between and went to Las Vegas. We are here in New York alone, so we’ve been doing more traveling than we ever have. It’s good.”

Thanks to her #RHOC cast-mates and Shannon herself we know that David Beador had a very serious love affair and even moved in with the woman late in 2014. David was  tired of Shannon’s nagging, outbursts of anger, and jealously, stating during a couples therapy session that the 6-week affair was the “most exciting time of his life.” He couldn’t even write a meaningful eulogy about wife Shannon during a session with their couples therapist. Contrary to popular belief, David did NOT realize his affair was a mistake and come back to Shannon of his own volition. Nope. She had to beg David to return home to the unhappy marriage for the sake of her kids! David Beador also had another big reason to return, Shannon promised to humiliate him on #RHOC if he didn’t give their marriage another chance. Beador’s reputation in Newport business was at stake.The divorce, alimony, and child support settlement could cost him $13M-$15M. Losing that kind of money can make almost any relationship seem attractive again. The Beador Newport Ca.residence is listed for sale at $13M. Do you think the marriage will survive, or will the Beadors split the cash and move on?

Nothing says sexy like videos of “Non-Toxic Tips” and how to build a “Non-Toxic Home.” by Shannon Beador

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