#RHOC #VodkaShannon Had A Hissy Fit Because She Didn’t Get Invited To Meghan Edmund’s Charity Function! The Same One She Refused To Help Meghan With!


This show gets more inane each week. At least we caught a needed break from watching Shannon and David Beador’s marriage die because that poo is depressing!

However we cannot escape the weekly Shannon Beador breakdown. I get that she’s about natural remedies, but for the love of God pop a Prozac #VodkaShannon!! Shannon blows up at Meghan for calling/obtaining her private cell phone number. I for one would never cold call Shannon, she would cut a bitch in a fit of rage. Shannon runs from the room crying “I’m always charitable! Don’t ever imply I’m uncharitable! I start charities!” Meghan could care less. She called Shannon to get her advice for throwing a big charity event, and Shanny shut her down like hired help. Meghan got her revenge by not inviting #VodkaShannon to the event. This causes histrionics among the housewives and they spent the remainder of the episode in High School gossiping about what to do?

cheers vs

Brooks has cancer, but looks like he’s been at a spa. Enough said.

Meghan has the party and insists she not a mean girl.

Vicky has a pity dinner with #VodkaShannon.

The other women attend Meghan’s party then go have a pity vodka with Vicky and #VodkaShannon

Riveting.The End.


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