#KUWTK Moving Day For Kylie Jenner? Her 18th Birthday Is In August, Yet Kylie Moves Into Her New Home With Tyga Before She’s Legal Thanks To Pimp Mama Kris Jenner!!!


That’s a Tyga, Khloe Kardashian,and Kylie Jenner group hug photo taken today after Kylie finished moving into her multi-million dollar home. Kylie credits “Mommy Dearest” Kris Jenner for decorating her pad like a hotel room from the W in West Hollywood. The Kardashians want to show the world how great 26-year-old Tyga is so when Kylie turns 18 on August 10th we won’t call him a pedophile anymore! Sorry Pimp Mama Kris…we are on to you and your nasty spin machine. You and your 34 year old boyfriend can double date with the walking felony and Kylie in Cannes, but it won’t change the public perception! Khloe is just as guilty in allowing this relationship to continue, but she likes the “Tyga-type” herself, right French Montana? And Bruce? He’s too busy being “free” to care!

Speaking of nasty….and I don’t mean Tyga’s vomit-inducing song lyrics…

“BlindGossip.com” posted something quite disturbing about Kris Jenner and her daughters today. If the item came from any other site I would question it, however this “rumor” isn’t just a rumor in Los Angeles. It’s been reported for years. Kim Kardashian was able to buy a Bentley in the second season of her reality show before porn profits how? Keep reading:


Ever wonder where the nickname for Kris Jenner “Pimp Mama Kris” came from? Now you know.

Kris Jenner is also rumored to now be managing Tyga aka Kylie’s pedo-rapper boyfriend! He’s in deep financial trouble from lawsuits and luxury spending for his image. Kris doesn’t let poor boys date her girls. Perhaps that’s how Tyga landed his OWN reality show on MTV? PMK is working hard to make Tyga respectable. #FatChance. Tyga gets to have sex with a minor and Kris Jenner gets her 10% commission with no prison time for either!

It’s also worth noting that Kris has never encouraged higher education in any one of her children except Rob. They are all dependent on her for financial/business advice. Perhaps PMK’s own special kind of “Finishing School” was all she felt they needed?

Now I know why Kendall dropped her last name and moved downtown. Smart girl indeed!

kyl2 kylie picks crotch

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4 Comments on #KUWTK Moving Day For Kylie Jenner? Her 18th Birthday Is In August, Yet Kylie Moves Into Her New Home With Tyga Before She’s Legal Thanks To Pimp Mama Kris Jenner!!!

  1. Plainjane. // July 2, 2015 at 7:59 am // Reply

    Yea…Kloe is an enabler!!!! Can’t stand her! And her mother thinks she would make a good mother. I don’t think so!!!!

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  2. Nicole Osburn // July 2, 2015 at 5:31 am // Reply

    Please excuse my extreme lack of ‘tech’ skills. I still haven’t been able figure out how to receive your posts on my inbox. Help!

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