The Best #AlaskanBushPeople Jokes That Discovery Doesn’t Find Funny!

abp cast

If you ever get bored on Friday night hop on Twitter when a new episode of Alaskan Bush People premieres. Make sure you follow hashtag #AlaskanBushPeople


There is a select group of very witty Billy Brown bashers that I am now in love with. This blog is dedicated to them and the hysterical one-liners they come up with while watching Discovery channel’s unintentionally stupid Alaskan Bush People. For the 10% of ABP viewers that think this shit is real I have some swamp land for you to buy CHEAP! Discovery needs to sell this show as grifters gone wild! Billy Brown and his cubs are well-known scammers in Alaska and Texas with lawsuits pending for ripping off the Alaska Permanent Fund etc. I’m not going into details here, but you can learn more at Stoopid Housewives library of Brown Town antics

Here are some of the best comments about the show and cast I’ve seen recently!

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Yes I put one of my own in. Sue me.

See you Friday in #AlaskanBushPeople

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14 Comments on The Best #AlaskanBushPeople Jokes That Discovery Doesn’t Find Funny!

  1. Fine. I do so at a great personal sacrifice. But I will take one for the small but very interesting group of Bushwhackers. It will be as much fun as listening to Abba on an endless loop in a port a pottie at a California crop field.

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  2. This is Amazon for the Wave up my ass one. They cost more used than they do new?
    from $68.49
    12 Used from $73.49 6 New from $68.49

    This is Ebay: The lost years. He definitely does not want ANYBODY to read these books.

    Item condition:
    May 28, 2015 , 7:44AM
    Starting bid:
    US $39.99
    [ 0 bids ]
    FREE Standard Shipping
    Item location:
    Point Baker, Alaska, United States
    slmnslyer (245 )
    | Seller’s other item


    I’ll pick one. The cheaper one is the Lost Years. Yeah, he was probably lost in jail. So, what do you think? Wave up my Ass or the Lost Years. If this guy was on the Alaskan waters for thirty years, how come he can’t dock a dinghy?

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    • I wish we knew more about the content of each! The good news is you can re-sell it on Ebay for more than you pay lol! Write up what you find out and I’ll put it on the blog 🙂



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  4. I don’t know? Maybe he doesn’t WANT anybody to read it! Which is why I might have to read it and then mail it to you. There must be something in his books that he doesn’t want out. Because they should be priced at $1.66 by now. And they are so scarce, yet he went on a book tour in 2009. Expensive and rare on ebay and Amazon. This is puzzling. Has anybody read any of his books? I’m going to investigate.

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  5. I just have to mention that they have two books by Billy Brown on Ebay. The “Lost Years” and “Wave up my ass or whatever it is. They are both USED and selling for $54.00! Why? There is something up with this.

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  6. O.K. that sold for $34.00/used on Ebay! What is in that book! I have to have it. I will see if I can get a copy. This needs to be investigated.

    Why should I start a blog when I have you! (so to speak) I let you do all the hard work and I just reap the rewards without any effort. It’s brilliant.

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  7. I love the fact that Billyblob has been a commercial fisherman for thirty years and risked getting in big trouble by not having running lights, which is considered as negligent as driving an unregistered boat drunk and smashing it into a dock and killing a group of handicapped children. Speaking of docking, word has it that he had to take “docking lessons” from a local. I just read a story on his website about how he shot a deer using a bow an arrow from half a mile, but then a BEAR!!!! saw him!! He tried to field dress the deer quickly, and scatter the flesh of the deer a few feet from his body to throw the bear off of his scent, but no! He sees the bear in the distance and he appears to be smelling something! With all of his might, he tried to sling the deer over his shoulders but it weighed hundreds of pounds. He thought of just leaving the deer for the bear and fleeing for his life, but that would be cowardly and unbush-like, so he fashioned the deer into a bush “backpack” and struggled up a hill while fading in and out of consciousness from the strain. (1st undiagnosed coma? Possibly.) With theblood thirsty bear in full pursuit, this buffed and rugged outdoors man finally staggered a half a mile to his homestead where his bear sniffing guard dogs saw him to the safety of his cloth door. As he lay the deer at the feet of his homeless-runaway bride she asked, “How was your day?” To which he replied, “Just another day in the Bush, Ami, another day in the bush.” I wanted to read more of his thrilling stories, but the my virus protection was warning me that the website may have been hacked and that I should skedaddle and run a virus scan. I went to Amazon and I wanted to buy his book, Making Waves, or something to that effect as it was the only book I could find by that author even though he has written over 30 books. It was priced at $64.00, as you may know, being an expert on this subject. Could it be that he doesn’t want anybody to read it and that is why it is priced so high? It is about his thirty perilous years as a commercial fisherman facing death on a daily basis. I will take a hit for the team if nobody else has read it.
    Where did all of these books that he has written go? Maybe they are like treasured Georgia O’Keefe paintings just waiting to be discovered by some lucky moron who has yet to look in his attic. I would also like to buy Ami’s upcoming cookbook, “Put Something Wild On Your Table from Costco.” I wonder what the hold up is on that book as it was supposed to be released in 2009. They probably don’t need the money. I find it odd that a family goes on a whirlwind book tour, and then has no interest in selling said books. I am also anxiously awaiting her book on homeschooling your children which has also seen it’s release date come and go.

    Love, love, love the twitter comments. I will be sure to have my computer handy next week when the episode about the newly discovered deadly dangers of slippery boat decks that have come in contact with………..Moisture!
    leaves this brave and brazen family once again fighting for their very survival and way of life once again.

    Thank you for your service to mankind.

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