#KUWTK @Tyga Can’t Squirm Out Of This Scandal! See The (NSFW / People Under 18 Texts) @KylieJenner ‘s Boyfriend Sent To Transsexual Model Mia Isabella Over 3 Year Period!

Tyga and his lawyers have been busy since news broke early this morning of his affair with transsexual porn star and model Mia Isabella. Tyga (Real name Michael Nyguen Stevenson) took to Twitter and Instagram blaming the devil and public negativity for his troubles. He should be blaming the erect penis photos he took, and his own bad judgement instead of social media!

First via Twitter….dev

Then via Instagram….dev2

And for good measure his attorney via TMZ!

Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton, confirms the authenticity of the photos but tells TMZ he believes the rapper is the victim of a conspiracy designed to “maliciously shame” him. “The allegations are false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality.”

Boo Hoo Tyga! This isn’t about gender, race, or a shame frame-up. This is good old-fashioned infidelity against your baby mama BlacChyna, and your underage (she’s just a friend) girlfriend Kylie Jenner over a 3-year period. You don’t have to take my word for any of the Tyga news. View the evidence photos yourself! I’m warning you they are graphic and not suitable for work or youngsters.

Tyga Photos Courtesy of Denver Blackwell >>>

t1 t2 t3 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t11 t11 t12 t13


#TYGA’s attorney had the photos taken down from BScott.com They are all over Instagram and Twitter in screenshots. I am posting them for a few hours but they won’t be up long. Tyga had a similar Twitter back/forth with BlacChyna in May excluding the dick picks, but trying to hook up. Kylie Jenner is 17 and in love so she’s going to believe whatever Tyga says. If the kid had an ounce of sense she’d quit trying to look like the women he cheats on her with. Let’s hope this is the final straw for Kylie Jenner to escape Tyga’s control and resume being a teenager!


Media Take-out photo

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6 Comments on #KUWTK @Tyga Can’t Squirm Out Of This Scandal! See The (NSFW / People Under 18 Texts) @KylieJenner ‘s Boyfriend Sent To Transsexual Model Mia Isabella Over 3 Year Period!

  1. I couldn’t have said it better, Gesiewtf! But remember, there’s money to be made! When they split up, Tyga will be followed up with another inappropriate male–or maybe a female, which will bring in even more twitter/instagram followers…
    Sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Stoopid Housewives? I tried to log on, but was denied access. I sent a request via WordPress, but have heard nothing. *crickets*

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    • Stoopid will be back in a few weeks. She and Hubby are on vacation. You are all welcome to post here until (and after) she returns 🙂


      • Thanks for the update, BBB! I was feeling really unloved! De-friended!
        I started reading your blog after Ms. SH posted some of your articles. I love to hate all things KUWTK & Housewives, so your blog is perfect. Now, for yet another ‘tech’ question: how do I receive email notifications of new articles from this site? I did click ‘Following’, but no emails. Is there another thing I need to do?
        Am so embarrassed.
        Thanx! Nikki

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        • No don’t be embarrassed! I have no idea how to set up emails for you lol! I get automatic emails from everyone I follow so maybe the answer is in your account settings/profile? I post something once a day usually, not a set schedule. I miss reading SH too!


  2. Jesus Christ. Now that you mention it, Kylie does seem to be fashioning herself into a kind of tranny look. This guy Tyga, wtf? If the Jenners didn’t want to look after their teenaged taughter they should have sent her to a Swiss Boarding school or something. Instead, they led her straight to the road of depravity and low self-esteem.
    The dude is gay. Nothing wrong with that, but the dude is gay. What is Bruce supposed to say? Don’t hang around that pig because he likes men who pretend to be women? He has no leg to stand on. She needs to be checked for STD’s and her parents should be thrown in prison for child abuse. They are pimps who turned out their underage daughter. “Oh Daddy! You are the best role model in the world, blah, blah, blah.” Everything they have taught her by example is so wrong. They should be in jail for corrupting the morals of a minor. How can they say you have an inappropriate boyfriend when they are the epitome of inappropriate? This is disgusting. .

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    • Yes yes yes! Agree with it all my dear! Kylie has terrible self-esteem. Can you imagine being the “ugly duckling” sister of that brood? The ONLY thing sacred to Kardashian/Jenners is how they look. Kylie being the youngest wasn’t supervised or taught to feel good about herself. She has to wear 3 layers of make-up and fillers to like what she sees in the mirror? That’s where a predator like Tyga can come in, say the right things, and get her under his complete control. Just like a pimp getting a runaway off the street. She’s paying his bills and believing ANYTHING he says. For her not having Tyga would be like a baby not having it’s blanket.


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