Bravo’s “Ladies Of London” Is Back For Season 2 With A Few Additions and Edits! My Girl-Crush Caroline Stansbury Is Poised To Become The New Queen Of Bravo!

Bless you Andy Cohen for giving me back my favorite #BravoTV Show “Ladies Of London” for a second season! I’ve been an avid “Housewives” watcher for years, but the shows are so scripted that there is very little reality in their version of “Reality Television.” I’m not saying that #LadiesOfLondon has more spontaneous moments to offer than it’s Bravo predecessors, but the women featured are far more cultured and interesting than the #RHONY, #RHOA, or #RHOC put together.


The original Season 1 premise for the UK-based show featured ambitious American women living/working in London and trying to break into society. In a way Bravo’s plot backfired when the stand-out cast members were the savvy Brits- Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson. Next to the actual members of English upper classes, the American’s came off as a bit ridiculous, especially Juliet Angus who would be the “Brandi Glanville” character of the franchise.(Think lots of f-bombs, bad manners, and horrible taste in clothing!)

lol11 lol9 lol10

L-R Caroline Stanbury, Juliet Angus, and Annabelle Neilson

Season 2 will feature changes to the core cast. Caprice Bourret is out, instead she’s focusing on raising her baby boys and managing her intimates business.(She and Caroline quit speaking during S1) Noelle Reno, who heavily featured with fiance Scott Young through the entire first season, faced tragedy when Young committed suicide after a fight with Reno.There is no word if Reno will appear in S2 in a limited capacity, but she is featured in recent “Ladies Of London” videos on

lol8Noelle Reno on left and Caprice Bourret

So who’s in the new cast? I’d ask Caroline Stanbury, because at least one new “Ladies Of London” is family! That’s right! Caroline’s own sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury is on board, as is “Top Model” judge and Stanbury bestie Caroline Fleming. Rounding out the remaining cast are returning members Juliet (Brandi) Angus, Marissa Hermer, Lady Sandwich Julie Montagu, and Annabelle Neilson, who has recovered from her horrific horseback riding accident and is back to being fabulous!

Follow all the Ladies on Instagram to see where they have been shooting! A cast trip to Denmark featured in S2, and Julie Montagu’s “Flexible Foodie” book signing pictured below. “Ladies Of London” returns to @BravoTV on September 7th.

lol Denmark lol3 lol5lol

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6 Comments on Bravo’s “Ladies Of London” Is Back For Season 2 With A Few Additions and Edits! My Girl-Crush Caroline Stansbury Is Poised To Become The New Queen Of Bravo!

  1. Yes! Juliet Angus is stylist/PR person and I can’t stand her! So glad you will be watching with me! Not sure if we have many #LOL fans at Stoopid’s 🙂


  2. So excited!!! Also glad that Caprice is gone. I hated that poser.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Caprice is such a tool! I love this show! Wish they didn’t have to cast a “stupid American” like Juliet. She makes us look like vile idiots. I know she’s scripted to the hilt but gimmee a break!


  3. Plain Jane // July 13, 2015 at 9:38 am // Reply

    I like Juliet. Glad Caprice isn’t returning.
    Sad about Noel Reno’s fiancé I hope she returns too.

    Liked by 1 person

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