#RHOC Tamra Becomes A Grandma And #VodkaShannon Cries About David Beador……AGAIN!

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The death of Vicky’s mom on last week’s #RHOC was horrible to watch. Viewers were in an uproar over the footage of Vicky Gunvalson breaking down and falling to the floor- all on camera. Tamra Barney echoed the sentiments of the audience when speaking to Huffington Post in a July 13th interview:

“At the the moment it happened, I thought the cameras should shut down, because it was too sensitive,” Judge told HuffPost Live on Monday, July 13, of the scene where Gunvalson took a phone call from her daughter Briana and collapsed after learning her previously healthy mom had died at age 83. “Vicki was in a state of mind where she didn’t even acknowledge the cameras. Now she has to relive it. She told me her family could not watch it.”

Tamra Barney initially thought Real Housewives of Orange County cameras shouldn't have filmed her friend Vicki Gunvalson reacting to her mother's death.

Tamra Barney initially thought Real Housewives of Orange County cameras shouldn’t have filmed her friend Vicki Gunvalson reacting to her mother’s death.
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

However, once the gut-wrenching event (taped in February and seen on RHOC‘s July 6 episode) was captured, it was Gunvalson herself who encouraged Bravo to air it.

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“Vicki said that her life has been on camera for 10 years, and ‘this is something that happened to me, and I’m okay sharing it.’ If she’s okay with it, I guess I’m okay with it,” said Judge, who has been a regular cast member on the reality series since Season 3.

Months later, Judge doesn’t fault Bravo or their camera crew for intruding on Gunvalson’s darkest moments. “The show’s doing their job — they document our life, and that was real life,” she told HuffPost Live. “There’s nothing you can do in that situation other than be there for your friend.”

The rest of the OC cast expressed love and concern for Vicky throughout the beginning of tonight’s episode. It’s a very real “Reality Show” moment, instead of the producer induced set-ups Bravo is famous for. I will never agree with Bravo airing the footage of this tragedy, but at least it was done with Guvalson’s consent.

On a lighter note we see Tamra Judge let go of being “The Hottest Housewife” in Orange County and settle into her new role as “Queen Of The Retirement Villa” and……..


YES GRAMBALLS 🙂 Feel free to share on Twitter! Welcome baby Ava! She’s adorable 🙂

Next it’s on to #VodkaShannon and David Beador’s relationship woes. Of course they begin the argument in front of the children, so like a “good mom” Shannon has the kids leave before speaking further to David. Shannon are you too drunk to remember it’s all on TELEVISION so the kids get to relive it every Tuesday am at school? Apparently David is in trouble for not calling #VodkaShannon at the designated time yesterday as promised, therefore David is inconsiderate and giving Shannon reason number 2,135,897,001 to have doubts about his love.Shannon has also made her husband compile a list of restaurants that he and his mistresses went to so the “Queen of Grey Goose” can avoid meal betrayal. Yawn….

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That therapy sure is working!

Oh #VodkaShannon took Homeopathic grief medications to Vicky. That’s so sweet. I’m thinking a hug would work wonders instead. Vicky tells Shannon that she spoke to a “Mediun” after her father’s death. Yes she said Mediun. Shannon wanted to tell her that a “Mediun” is the center of a Highway, but threw Vicky a bone because she’s sad. Vicky wants to speak to the Mediun again so she can get her mom’s recipes that were never written down. Whatever Vicky needs to do to feel better rock on sister!

Until next week! B3 xoxo

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4 Comments on #RHOC Tamra Becomes A Grandma And #VodkaShannon Cries About David Beador……AGAIN!

  1. I’m thinking at this rate the restaurants Shannon will be left to dine at are fast food joints. Fatburger here she comes! David’s a bad, bad boy. Shanny’s going to need a whole hell of a lot more crazy crystals. Or maybe some rose colored glasses.

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    • Somebody made a funny joke on Twitter. They said imagine Shannon having sex……I said she probably makes her Bunko voice….


      • Lol! What was up with RHONY, btw? HollaHeather needs to back her shit up as Dorinda would say. If someone comes breaking down my bedroom door, ripping open curtains, interrupting my beauty sleep on a vaca then somebody better be dead! The question is why is Heather sleeping naked in a house full of girls anyway, lol! Didn’t she share a bed with Carole? Hmmmmmm

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