#LadiesOfLondon Star Noelle Reno Gives Testimony At Inquest Into Ex Fiance Scot Young’s Death


Ladies Of London star Noelle Reno’s ex Scot Young fell to his death from the second story window of the flat they shared together in 2014. Reno and Mr. Young had broken up for good days before his death. According to a story in today’s Daily Mail:

Property tycoon Scot Young phoned his ex-girlfriend moments before his death and told her: ‘I’m going to jump out of the window, stay on the phone, you will hear me’, an inquest heard today.

The 52-year-old, who was previously involved in a multimillion-pound divorce battle, died after falling from a flat in Montagu Square, central London, on December 8.

An inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court today heard he was in the throws of a paranoid breakdown when he died and heard voices telling him the world was going to end.

Shortly before he was found dead, he had a row with ex-girlfriend Noelle Reno and then phoned her with the chilling message.

Assistant Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe ruled out any kind of foul play but said she could not record a verdict of suicide due to ‘insufficient evidence’.

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner Shirley Radcliffe said: ‘I have concluded that there is inconclusive evidence to determine his state of mind and intention when he came out of the window.’ 

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In happier times Scot Young and Noelle Reno made a striking couple navigating London society. Young had been embroiled in a bitter divorce lasting 5 yrs over an estimated $1B fortune. Nicole was always at his side. The couple’s financial struggles were real as were the pressures from his divorce drama. Mr Young became widely-known after he was jailed for six months for contempt of court in 2013 following a divorce row with former partner Michelle, who accused him of hiding away more than $400million in assets. The stress on Scot Young was more than most people can ever imagine. Turning away from Noelle, Scot fell into deep depression compounded with drinking and substance abuse. Mr. Young had also been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The relationship fell apart. Nicole had this to say today via Daily Mail

Speaking at the inquest today, Ms Reno – who dated Mr Young on and off for five-and-a-half years -said the pair were still living together but were no longer in a relationship when he turned up at their flat on December 8.

Ms Reno said: ‘I had tried to get him out of the flat for a long time. If he didn’t go to a recovery programme, I couldn’t have him in my life.’ 

She told how Mr Young pleaded with her to allow him to stay but she refused.

She said: ‘He was desperate, more than I have ever seen him. Desperate in a different kind of way. He was completely sober. It was the first time I had actually seen him cry.’

The court heard Mr Young rang Ms Reno after she left the property and said: ‘I’m going to jump out of the window. Stay on the phone, you will hear me.’

Shortly before, he had sent her a text message which read: ‘Now I have hit rock bottom as you can see! Loved you like no other! Love you always and forever!’

The former model explained that when Mr Young told her over the phone that he was going to jump out of the window, she did not take it seriously.

At first she thought he was trying to ‘manipulate’ her to come back but she decided to call 999 anyway, she said.

She said: ‘He sounded as if it could have been one of the thousands of threats I have heard, but there clearly was something in me that I called 999. There was obviously something in his voice that this time there could be some threat.

‘In the months before December he had been talking about it, “it would just be easier to end it all, I can’t get myself out of this mess”.’

Explaining how she found out about Mr Young’s death, she said: ‘A police car showed up and asked me to step inside and the officers told me he had killed himself.’

Ms Reno earlier told the inquest that Mr Young had been distanced from his friends after relying on them for money when his assets were frozen and he was investigated during his protracted divorce battle.

She said: ‘He lived hand-to-mouth with people giving him money and whenever anyone did give him money they were investigated. People stopped associating with him.’

In a statement read to the court by coroner Shirley Radcliffe, Mr Young’s GP Dr Soraya Meer said he had been treated for bipolar affective disorder and for cocaine, cannabis and alcohol abuse since 2011.

‘He reported being under huge stress due to his bankruptcy and high profile divorce,’ she said.

Psychiatrist Dr Rachel Berg told the inquest that, days before he was found dead, Mr Young complained of having trouble sleeping and paranoid thoughts.

Dr Berg told the coroner’s court: ‘He felt there was a conspiracy to kill him and felt that his girlfriend might be a part of the conspiracy because she was turning the lights on and off.’

After hearing a male voice telling him it was ‘the end of the world’ he requested admission to hospital on December 4 2014, where he reported having thoughts of harming himself again. 

Mr Young admitted to ‘heavy’ cocaine use at this time, which he described as unusual for him, and that he had been drinking ‘six large vodkas’ a day, the inquest heard. 

He was discharged on December 8 last year after convincing doctors he was recovering. He died later the same day.
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It is unknown at printing time if Noelle Reno will be returning to Ladies Of London with the rest of the cast when the show begins it’s second season 8/1/15 on Bravo. We send our best wishes to Noelle and hope that she is doing well!

Noelle Reno featured in an interview promoting “Ladies Of London” in 2014. Reno discusses just how tough it is to break into London society.

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6 Comments on #LadiesOfLondon Star Noelle Reno Gives Testimony At Inquest Into Ex Fiance Scot Young’s Death

  1. It really is so sad. Scot was likable on the show. At least I liked him and he seemed so in love with Nicole. When the news first broke about this I thought someone had killed him over a bad business deal because of all that went down with the Russians. Sad all around…

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    • I read the same. The only thing shady is that Nicole never told anyone before now about him threatening to jump out the window because she wouldn’t see him. When he couldn’t get his hands on anymore money she walked, and he went off deep end.


  2. Plainjane. // July 17, 2015 at 8:46 am // Reply

    I hope she does return. This is sad for her. But I think this could be a good thing for her. Prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. donewithbravo // July 17, 2015 at 2:42 am // Reply

    Ooh, another “Death by Bravo”??????????????? Marvelous.

    Liked by 1 person

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