#AlaskanBushPeople #BB20 Bush Bash Top 20 Countdown Results! And The Winners Are………(click and see!)


Nope. You are not a winner Discovery Channel. It’s the freakishly amusing Tweets that make Alaskan Bush People popular! You should thank the tweeters in the #alaskanbushpeople thread for your ratings, not your production staff. You’ve made one of the all-time worst “non-scripted-yet-totally-scripted-unreal-reality” shows in history, and the show’s tweet stream has made comedy gold!


Friday night’s Bush Bash Top 20 was a good ol’ spank in the ass kind of fun-fest, with a million great tweets to choose from! I needed several Bombay Sapphire’s and a handful of Xanax to attempt finding the funniest comments from the thousands in the stream! You people did not make this easy on Bitch By Bravo and I had to exceed the limit of 20. Trying to keep up was IMPOSSIBLE after #GeniusNoah went “Silence Of The Lambs” crazy with his organ jars, but I went back through every tweet. The absolute worst part? Not being able to tweet along with the gang! Hope you enjoy!





#5 #6



















Thanks so much to everyone who participated willingly, and a few who may be surprised! If you guys want to do this one last time for the season finale let me know in the comments! Joe McGarry and Mad Slick tied as the over-all winners with 3 top tweets each out of the 25 chosen! As Larry Lsossin would say, “Great job Bush-Bashers!”

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3 Comments on #AlaskanBushPeople #BB20 Bush Bash Top 20 Countdown Results! And The Winners Are………(click and see!)

  1. Pete Baumiller // July 19, 2015 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    It’s all good but that Larry Sossin dude cracks me up!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was awesome.


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