#KylieJenner Parties With Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Until 4am-Then Drives Home Alone Drunk While Using Snapchat


Kylie Jenner is DESPERATE for attention. This kid is absolutely lost an has no decent role-models around her for guidance. Last night was a prime example! Kylie is reeling from the break-up with Tyga, who she found out was cheating on her with a Transsexual model. Big sister 19 yr-old Kendall Jenner took Kylie with her to the LA premeire of “Paper Towns” starring model friend Cara Delevingne. Teenager Kylie was seen at the after-party trying, to be the center of attention by playing with her nearly bare breasts.


Kylie made a MAJOR poor choice on the way home. She operated her cell-phone while driving so she could video message fans/friends on Snapchat. Video is usually a bad idea when drunk, high, or both. I’m guessing both in Kylie’s case. If this girl spent the hours she uses applying make-up on reading books, she could solve World peace and cure AIDS. She looks about 45 in the pictures above and is starting to resemble Courtney Stoddon. C’mon Caitylyn/Bruce Jenner!! Stop the speeches and save your CHILD!!

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12 Comments on #KylieJenner Parties With Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Until 4am-Then Drives Home Alone Drunk While Using Snapchat

  1. donewithbravo // July 26, 2015 at 4:52 am // Reply

    I didn’t realize that she was a Kimye2.0 version!! She’s a little person too?? She’s emulating her big, porn, fake, dumb, empty sis???? And, why is she always holding her crotch in pics? Does she have an issue with urinating? Maybe it’s an STD?? They all need to just go away. No *child* should be exposed to adult things, even these morons. She’s had surgeries that weren’t necessary and they could have endangered her life. Remember Joan River’s death? Yeah… It wasn’t expected, but anything could go wrong under anesthesia. I’ve had more than 30 (necessary) surgeries and I don’t take it lightly. These people are just hopeless, and the parents are demented.


    • Kylie has been a problem child for years. Kris has NEVER had any control over her because Khloe undermines her authority as a parent, thus the kids don’t respect her. Khloe put her on birth control that Kris wasn’t aware of and approved of her and Tyga hooking up. Khloe turned into a rap-slut after Lamar and took Kylie down with her. Bruce abandoned Kylie when he moved out of the house and into Malibu. Kid has zero positive influences and rebels against all authority. Her Snapchat nightly videos are of her dancing and mouthing lyrics to filthy rap songs while touching herself, etc. Porn is the next step and since Tyga produces porn fims “RackCityXXX” she wants to look like his blow-up doll. Sad and a real tragedy…


  2. The headline is misleading. She wasn’t driving!!!


  3. Oh wow, wtf is she even talking about? Uber is your friend! Geez, so dangerous… Why doesn’t anyone care about this girl? How sad!

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    • That’s my issue with her! I have teen girls! I would grab her and lock her in the cellar with no wifi and a few books! She needs help that isn’t Kardashian. Khloe is turning her into a Ho!


      • Bruce used to be pretty strict with those girls. At one point he just said screw it though. I wonder if Kris sat him down and proposed the Caitlyn deal to him and that’s when he threw in the towel. Either way it is a sad, sad story. I hope things don’t get any worse for Kylie, but how could they not? What’s this stupid snapchat all about, btw? Selfies are bad enough now we have short films? good gravy!

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        • She seems to be acting more like an adult film star than a 17-yr-old girl. The Snapchat videos are disturbing and hyper sexual. It appears she has also added breast implants into her surgical procedure list. Her eyes looks glazed and far too old for a kid. Super sad. Bruce used to be VERY strict you are 100% correct. Kylie has always acted up to get attention, but Bruce kept her in check. She won’t listen to anyone now and she’s free-falling…..


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