#IAmCait E! Show Debuts With Caitlyn Jenner Going Full Kardashian Glam! Is This What The Transgender Community Deserves As It’s Key Representative?

If you need to know one thing about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, it’s that “she” is a quick study! All of those years spent in a Kardashian Koma in Kris Jenner’s spin-room have paid off. Jenner was quietly learning from his own family the do’s and don’ts of massive celebrity, while suffering through painful neglect. Who can forget the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” scenes of Bruce trying to move back home after his summer lease in Malibu ended, and Kris effectively making sure his beloved 2 drawers in the garage were filled? Kris Jenner loved keeping “the family secret” back in Malibu where her empire could not be endangered. Malibu became Jenner’s permanent planning ground and his tenure as Caitlyn could begin.

Will you be watching #IAmCait this Sunday on E?

Caitlyn now has a website! How very Kim! http://caitlynjenner.com/


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5 Comments on #IAmCait E! Show Debuts With Caitlyn Jenner Going Full Kardashian Glam! Is This What The Transgender Community Deserves As It’s Key Representative?

  1. donewithbravo // July 26, 2015 at 4:43 am // Reply

    romo: I thought you were speaking about Kimye’s baby voice. Ya know–the disgusting, fake baby voice that they all do (courtesy of Paris Hilton’s influence)? Brucie will NEVER get that baby voice down pat. I’m surprised that his voice hasn’t changed. From all of the documentaries I’ve seen about transgender people, it seems that their voices DO change with hormones, etc…………. This adds to my guess that Bruce is still Bruce and will change in and out of the female role when it suits him. He has no intention of fully transitioning. That’s weird, eh? You’d think that that would be his #1 wish!!!??? Finish off the entire ‘package’ and become a woman if you’ve been dying to do it your whole life! NOT.BUYING.IT, nor will I add to his ratings. May they all pass go and head immediately to hell.

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  2. UUUUUugh, I can’t! I would love to hear from the trans community on what they think of Caitlyn. Is she helping them? Is she a role model? Or is she just as much of a pain in the ass for them as Kim is to us? Everyday there’s 20 new damn stories about her new lipstick color she wore to an event. Or her heel getting stuck in the grass at some horse race event. Or her finally meeting Laverne Cox in person. Like anyone cares. The only thing I’m interested in is when is her voice going to change to sound like a woman. I made that comment on twitter and some jack ass told me I was a rude and horrible person. Really? Seems like a valid question to me. What am I missing? I still want to know, lol!

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    • You are neither rude or horrible to have an opinion. I agree with you about Bruce’s voice. Caitlyn agrees too! Caitlyn says she’s insecure because she sounds like a dude….no surgery can correct that. She needs to correct Kylie as that kid is on a Lohan-like slide down the rabbit hole. Kylie hates that she has no dad and isn’t big on Caitlyn. So sad!

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      • Bruce spent like what, $4 million to look like a woman? He can spend $100,000 more on a speech pathologist for some voice training. #justsaying
        I feel really bad for Kylie and the nail in the coffin is that her boyfriend has a thing for trannies. Like that girl needed anymore mind fu#ks!

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