#RHOC Recap #VodkaShannon Cries, Gramballs has Grandbaby / Hates Eddie At Work, And Poor Vicky Is Exploited In Her Grief!! Just Another Monday Night In Orange County By Bravo!


Another boring #RHOC…..these shows have no focus anymore! Just a series of dinners, Bunko parties, and women that have very little in common.

Tamra Judge’s son Ryan was in the news today with an arrest. Assault charges were filed against Tamra’s eldest son for allegedly striking the mother of his baby Ava. More to come from this sad development..

Tamra aka #Gramballs and hubby Eddie are shown bickering at their gym Cut Fitness. Tamra states she and Eddie are no longer getting along while working together and that it’s putting strain on her marriage. Wonder if #Gramballs is pissed that #VodkaShannon is getting more screen time with her “cheating husband” storyline?

Here’s a recent interview with Tamra by Perez Hilton if you actually care what comes out of her mouth:


Yes Shannon Beador aka #VodkaShannon had a surprise for us tonight! She jumps on a scale at her gym and weighs 134.4 lbs, then pinches her stomach fat. This is #RHOC, not “The Biggest Loser.” When her trainer massages her “Chi” center it’s another excuse for a #VodkaShannon flashback of “The Affair” and tears. Like we can forget….She shares that she only thinks about David’s affair 50 times per day now instead of ALL day, so that’s progress right?

David takes Shannon on a Valentine’s Day dinner date that is very sweet. #VodkaShannon tells us she didn’t get anything last year on Valentine’s Day from David because he was “still having the affair…..” David gives Shannon a gift and after downing her Grey Goose she cries how happy she is that they have made it together. Since #VS is on #WWHL with Dorinda Medley after #RHOC, Andy should use “AFFAIR” as the drinking word.

David’s gift for Shannon is a silver John Hardy bracelet $3,900 of a Dragon…..they were out of hens. It’s Very “Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Cup-ish.” Or maybe “Smaug?”He gave it to her in a Neiman Marcus bag so it was easy to find online, and I’m guessing scored him a discount.

jh naga

Vicky…no words. I’m so sorry Bravo chose to exploit you and your grief. Filming you a week after your mom’s death isn’t giving you time to make proper decisions. Hey…Andy Cohen… will you film after your parent dies? No you won’t….

Some idiot Bravo producer suggested a “Medium” would be a great idea to torture Vicky with tonight. Let’s contact your newly dead Mother and it will be soothing…?? The guy was a quack and Tamra was quick to point that out to lucky viewers. Shannon, Tamra, Brooks, and Vicky’s brother Billy filmed with the Medium and we learned nada. Vicky was a good hostess and made sure #VodkaShannon had her drink order filled that we all know by heart. Just buy the big Costco bottle of Grey Goose and grow a lime tree if #VodkaShannon is coming to your party, it will be cheaper.

vg vg3

Tamra and Heather Dubrow meet for a walk on the Beach. Heather gives Tamra advice on keeping her marriage hot, and still has time to plug her skin care line.

The ladies meet to go bowling, because that’s what rich women do in Newport at night……Tamra, Vicky, and Heather bowl in heels because bowling shoes are ugly and should be made by Gucci. I’m falling asleep and we are only at 30 minute mark. Vicky complains that Brooks isn’t getting better after 5 months of cancer treatments. Shannon butts in and tries to insist on different nutritional advice for him, and Vicky shuts her down. She’s too raw for Shannon’s harping.

Next the ladies go out to dinner and Lizzie joins them. Heather orders one of everything. No wonder Shannon’s gaining weight! All these women do is drink, eat, drink, drink, drink, and then they have a cocktail. Meghan announces at dinner she’s throwing a game night for the troops,but the ladies have no reaction. Vicky then announces they need a trip to Tahiti paid for by Bravo, and the ageless wonders go ape-shit. On the way home from dinner the car driving Tamra and Vicky breaks down. Vicky thinks she smells fumes and does the vomit noises she made in Thailand. Best part of the show.

I’m skipping the Meghan parts because nobody cares. She’s a 30-year-old daycare provider to “Jimmy Edmunds” 17 year old hag-face daughter. And his next ex-wife according to Vicky.

“Odd Mom Out” is starting…..Bravo Monday nights are officially sucky! Getting Andy on speed-dial stat!

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3 Comments on #RHOC Recap #VodkaShannon Cries, Gramballs has Grandbaby / Hates Eddie At Work, And Poor Vicky Is Exploited In Her Grief!! Just Another Monday Night In Orange County By Bravo!

  1. How fake was Vicky’s Oh I forgot my moms dead;routine? C’mone; I understand grief but that one was just to fake for words. If she was that close to her mom the relationship deserves more respect than that.

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  2. I didn’t like Shannon’s dragon bracelet. How random is that? Is dragon the animal of love and I’m the only one that doesn’t know? Not sure although it did take some guts for her to weigh herself and show her vodka belly on national tv. Heather gets more annoying by the ep. She’s winning over MegHead now, for me. Where does she get off ordering for the table without even being asked? It’s not her restaurant. She wasn’t hosting nor paying. Bitch, I pay therefore I decide what I eat mmkay? How did Lizzie break one of her ribs, btw? Was that covered because I missed it. None of those nosy hags thought to ask? I know we skipped over MegHead, but I felt sorry for her this episode. She’s basically a single step mom of a 17 year old all of the sudden. Jimmy’s never home and even when he is he doesn’t step in to parent his look alike kid. He just throws money at it. She needs guidance in the worst way and MegHead’s trying. The real mom can’t really put her foot down on account that she’s dying. She probably doesn’t want to deal with being the bad guy parent. I know I wouldn’t. I would just want to enjoy the last precious moments I had with her. In closing, Jimmy’s a dick for putting all of that on Megan. You really can’t fault the daughter because she’s still a child. Not sure how long the mom’s been suffering with cancer either. I’m going to skip over Tamballs because I really don’t care about Eddie or their stupid gym drama. I also think it’s bs that Vicky’s mom passing away is her story line am skipping that too.

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    • #VodkaShannon said it’s the “Year Of The Dragon” for her and David? Not sure but think it’s to do with Horoscope. It’s UGLY. I will have dreams of her stomach fat and “BUNKO” cries forever….Heather isn’t on enough to care about for me. Thank you for recapping MegHead, I just can’t cope with another Kylie Jenner of the OC teen. Yes Jimmy is a dick and this marriage will be over by spring. Great recap Romo!!


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