7/24/2015 #AlaskanBushPeople #BB30 AKA “Bush Bash 30 Best Tweets Contest” During The Season Finale Of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery Channel

Back for the LAST time this season……BitchByBravo is hosting #BushBash30 or #BB30 Contest!


It’s SIMPLE…..just like the Browns!

During Friday’s premiere showing of “Alaskan Bush People” season finale episode jump on Twitter.

Post your best one-liners in the #AlaskanBushPeople Twitter stream ( pictures,gifs,Vines,etc are allowed in your posts )

Make sure and use hashtag #AlaskanBushPeople or #BB30 ……or both! Posts without these hashtags won’t be eligible. It’s impossible to see your jokes without them!

No stealing another user’s tweets or re-posting another tweet as your own ( AKA: CHEATING) will count towards winning one of the top 30 tweet spots. I saw 2 stolen tweets last week, so don’t even mess with mama B3!!

You may partner tweet to win a spot. Example below:


The Best Tweets will be published in my blog and on Twitter. Bragging rights for winning the most spots in this contest are legendary. Some of our winners have gone on to Twitter super-stardom and have their own fan clubs. Others, like Larry Sossin, have had to hire security to protect themselves from Discovery channel groupies.


Hope you join us for #BB30 this Friday on Twitter during Alaskan Bush People’s season finale!!

Here’s the winner’s blog from last week!

Enjoy B3 🙂


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