#RHOBH Kim Richards Admits To Drinking At Brooke’s Wedding Because She Felt Uncomfortable!

Kim Richards recently left her 18th rehab stint after only 30 days. Kim has been abusing liquor and pills for almost 30 years, and has always gone back to abusing both. The Daily Mail reported today:

Kim Richards left rehab in May to attend daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding after checking herself in following her drunken arrest on April 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

However, she quickly checked into another rehab facility after falling off the wagon at the nuptials, held in Mexico.

And on Wednesday the 50-year-old star spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the Sharknado 3 premiere about that relapse in her sobriety, and getting back on track.

‘I was stressed and everybody was looking at me…the bride and groom and the mom who just got out of treatment,’ Kim admitted.

'I was super stressed out' Kim Richards opened up about her relapse at daughter Brooke Brinson's wedding, admitting she was stressed and 'everybody was looking at me'  

‘I was super stressed out’ Kim Richards opened up about her relapse at daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding, admitting she was stressed and ‘everybody was looking at me’

Feeling the pressure: Kim left rehab in May to attend daughter Brooke's wedding, but felt judged as she joined the festivities following treatment and ended up relapsing 

She continued: ‘I was super stressed out and I looked on the ground and there were two little margaritas and I think I drank one. I am not even sure. That mixture of [treatment center prescribed medication] so that is why I probably drank.’

Following Brooke’s wedding, where Kim saw her sister Kyle for the ‘first time in six to seven months,’ the star opted to sit out of niece Nicky Hilton’s recent nuptials in London to stay in treatment.

‘So that was a little hard,’ Kim said, of seeing her sister, adding that otherwise she had ‘talked to her a couple of times when she’s been in France in London.’

Of the experience, Kim openly admitted: ‘I love sobriety. I’ve always loved sobriety, and relapsing was very hard for me.’

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9 Comments on #RHOBH Kim Richards Admits To Drinking At Brooke’s Wedding Because She Felt Uncomfortable!

  1. “Was getting arrested in the Beverly Hill’s hotel your Aha! moment?”
    “Damn straight! I decided that I had been too hard on myself and needed a little vacation”

    ~ paraphrasing.

    Kim says that she found two “tiny” used Margaritas on the floor and drank them (eww) Those two half drank miniature Margaritas and the factt hat people were looking at her, were the only reason she decided to do this:

    “Hey Fatburger Fambly! F**k You! You stole my house!Now you are stealing my baby girl. You tink your Mexi-acan wedding is better than mine? How dare you! I’ve married and divorced richer men than you you fat cow. That’s MY chicken! Give me the chicken! Why don’t you go blow up your lips some more? You slut pig! You are a slut pig, too Brooke! Are those chocolates? You want me to tell the truth about that night? Kingsley wasn’t even there! Fuck all of you. Shoo-bam! I love turtles, who took my pills, I will kill you!!!!!!

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  2. donewithbravo // July 26, 2015 at 4:33 am // Reply

    Seriously?? She didn’t think of this BEFORE she checked out of rehab to attend the wedding?? What’s the huge necessity anyway? It was the 2nd wedding of her daughter’s. Nice try. She’s always blaming everyone else and saying she was “scared”. I love how she could never recall what she drank, how much she drank, but she’ll be very quick to put the blame on the meds from rehab, or people “looking” at her, or her sister, the moon, the sun……… whatever will make it cool in her head to grab booze, pills and pot. Monty should stay FAR away from her. I have no idea why this family thinks they’re so important and current; they’re not. Their family and the K/J family should all just disappear or go to hell early.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She is still a nut! I love the long pauses where she’s trying to figure out what to say. And I doubt when Brooke called her after she got arrested, she said “I’m just glad you’re okay, mommy”. I bet she said that after Kim finally made it home from her wedding, too. What a load of bs!

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  4. Oh, no. You have to watch the entertainment tonight video where she is drunk and tells the ET reporter that her life coach and psychiatrist don’t think she needed rehab. She has a program of success which includes chiropratic girls, special medicine girls, meditation girls and her own personal home meetings (she and Monty) which will keep her sober in the future. I presume this was last night. She also says that she decided not to go to Nicky Hilton’s wedding, to work on herself. Um, I do not think there was a chance in hell Kathy Hilton was letting you get any where near Kensington palace, honey. By whatever means necessary.

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