Look What @KylieJenner Did To Celebrate the Premiere of #KinginWithTyga!! #KUWTK

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No that’s not Big Ang from “Mob Wives.” It is our own little home-school graduate Kylie Jenner. Early last week Kylie was seen leaving Epione Surgical Spa in LA. They provide all the latest Laser, Botox, and Juviderm  treatments a Kardashian could ever want! Since they are heavily featured on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” I’m guessing Epione provides their services for free or at cost for Kylie and her sisters. Kylie appears to be hooked on an IV drip of filler and now resembles the unfortunate “winners” of the #KylieJennerLipChallenge. That’s Kylie in the Epione parking lot last Thursday in long denim cut-offs.


We assumed Kylie Jenner was getting all puckered up for her unfaithful “rumored” boyfriend’s MTV Reality Show premiere of “KinginWithTyga” on Saturday. Turns out she was having a Kris Jenner produced Graduation party hosted by Ryan Seacrest! All of Kylie’s 17 year-old girlfriends were there, her sisters were there, and Tyga was there sitting on the edge of the pool alone…..Even more suspicious? Every single Kardashian, including Kanye, tweeted support for Tyga when his failed “Gold” album dropped, yet his TV show gathered ZERO mentions from a single Kardashian or Jenner! Guess Tyga isn’t feeling the love like he did before news of his Transsexual love affair broke.

Kylie-Jenner-grad-2 kylie-kendall-jenner-graduation-party-72415-071

With age comes wisdom, as the story goes. Will this be true for Kylie? She seems destined for a career in porn or nude photos by looking at her Snapchat and Instagram lately. Soon she will be as over-exposed as Miley Cyrus and her nude body will be as familiar as a McMuffin. We will keep you posted on Kylie’s “Transition” into adulthood and where Tyga is included in the picture. Sounds like he’s on the outs, hopefully for good!


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14 Comments on Look What @KylieJenner Did To Celebrate the Premiere of #KinginWithTyga!! #KUWTK

  1. What dis I learn tonight? Caitlin isn’t very close to his family. When Kylie came over, he had to freaking introduce her to his family. And when Kim came over, he said, you’ve met Kim before!!! So please, spare me this whole I care about my family crap. Kylie looked like she had met his sisters for the first time. No doubt, he gegged them to be on his show because he needed a family dynamic. I almost puked when he thought it would be hysterical to go up against his devastated wife in a who wore it better contest. How cruel and thoughtless and hard he is. After he came out and became a media darling, he was told he had a responsibility to the Community to be an activist for transgendered people. Had that not happened, he would still be the grumpy old fart that he is. He does nit come off as sincere to me. The hair and makeup people work on him constantly. But the most important thing I learned is that he killed a pod of whales with those balloons and now I dislike him as a human being. I am glad that he showed a fourteen year old boy’s parents some sympathy and kindness. It would be nice if he cared as much about Kylie. She looked broken. I don’t think I will be watching this show. I did not find his new calling to be sincere, and I do not find his lovey covey words to his kids to be meaningful. Actions speak louder than words. It is a pity that a person of his character has been thrust into this position as a spokesperson for the community. He never gave a crap about them before and I do ‘t really think he does now, it is all about his ego. meh.

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    • I just finished my blog and posted. I will more than likely be twitter bashed for expressing opinions much like your own, but I don’t care. The show wasn’t put together well at all. Very poor flow. Trying to get Kylie and Kim in there seemed really out of place. Kylie was high from the dentist office. Her huge new teeth must have needed filing. Love mom Esther who stole the show. She hated Kris Jenner so I love her just for that 🙂 Gave it a “C” rating


  2. p.s. Kylie had her original face and she looked completely different. And they were both flunking out of school which the parents thought was hilarious. So she let them do the internet home-schooling program. If she got a degree, it was an internet degree. Just like Yolanda Foster’s daughter Gigi. She went to NYU and got an apartment. I don’t think she attended one class. Such a shame really. Oh, and Kanye said that Kim is the present day Marilyn Monroe and everybody knows it. What a crappy show. There is a link somewhere of the seventeen men who have been ruined by the Kardashian women. It is amazing.

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  3. Exactly! And furthermore (lol) and as I try to wrap my head around this, I think that he is doing this to be attractive to men. No women are sexually interested in transgendered men or transvestites as in this case. The only people who are sexually attracted to cross-dressers are men. So Bruce can’t cut off his salami because then he would not be able to have any sexual gratification. You think they can give q 65 yr. old man a lubed up working vagina? I don’t think so. (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.) All of his pals are trans-whatever and are men. So they fool around with each other. My husband says that he certainly didn’t do this to help anybody else. He is full of crap. But he will gladly take the hero label. He was a self-absorbed asshole as a man and he is still one. By the way, I never watch the Kartrashians, but I was babysitting and it was on the t.v.. It was an episode about Kris being all upset that Kylie and Kendall keep sneaking into her closet which she explained is filled with exquisite classic pieces. And she is all upset because they keep sneaking stuff out of the closet. So one afternoon she asks Bruce have you seen the girls near my closet? And she is raving mad and says where is my yellow jacket, I’m going to kill them and I’m going to have a locksmith come in blah blah blah. I realize then that she has no idea it is Bruce and I realize that she has no idea what he is up to. He looks very sheepish. I feel sorry for this woman. He says that up until this point his life has been a lie and a mistake. What a dick.

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    • Add into that equation Bruce is a self-admitted pathological liar. He lied to his family about the steps he was taking, he lied about hormones, he lied about stupid little details to his kids because he can’t stop! He has lied to the press for years about being homosexual, calling himself asexual instead…..There is no way to tell what is true/false that comes out of “Caitlyn’s” mouth. She’s identifying as a woman all the way to a $500M payout this year alone.


  4. When your Daddy has bigger breasts and lips than you and spends four hours a day on makeup and wardrobe, what chance does this kid have to be a functioning member of society. When you google narcissism and your family portrait is on the page, all hope is lost. It is like a cult. And Jenner wanted in.


    • My theory is Bruce had to sit and watch all the women getting attention for being overly sexual and glam for a decade and was pissed that the attention for his accomplishments was over. He’s always been a secret cross-dresser and figured it was time to get the focus back on him. He’s a huge egomaniac……loves talking about himself. Now he has a platform and a cause with the “Transsgender” community. He has no intention of having sexual reassignment surgery and is laughing all the way to the bank that he beat Kris at her own game. Make no mistake just because you claim a new identity with Caitlin doesn’t change your past as an asshole.

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  5. Plainjane. // July 26, 2015 at 11:01 am // Reply

    Yea, Kloe is a bad influence on the kids!! Can’t stand that rotten trash! I don’t watch the show BTW


  6. donewithbravo // July 26, 2015 at 4:24 am // Reply

    Oh Lord. This is just utterly disgusting. She’s not even fully grown and she got a surgeon to put in those huge funbags???? Her parents should be jailed. Shame on Ryan Seacrest for taking part in something that was most likely illegal (I’m SURE there was underage drinking there). PMK belongs in jail if she’s allowing partying/drinking with underaged kids at her house. Trash.

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