#IAmCait On E! What Did We Learn From Bruce Jenner’s Journey To Womanhood As He Became A She Named Caitlyn Jenner?

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It’s very politically incorrect now on Social Media to speak about Caitlyn Jenner as anything less than a saint. But this is still America, and I’m allowed to ask questions and challenge opinions while speaking my own. I’m a logical middle-aged woman and try very hard to understand people’s varied perspectives, and to be honest I still have my doubts about Caitlyn being the face you want leading today’s Transgender movement. Psychiatrists famously say that “past performance reflects future behavior” and in my lifetime I’ve found this rule to be abundantly true. So how does changing your gender identity clear your slate? If you were a liar before putting on a dress wouldn’t you still be a liar? Or if you were an absentee father in your 10 children’s lives would you wake up after your transition a better parent? How you gender-identify with male or female traits has zero to do with character. Character is made up from a lifetime of choices, events, challenges, and how you react to them. It’s the character of Bruce Jenner that I question carrying over into his new identity as Caitlyn. Should becoming Caitlyn absolve Bruce Jenner of being an absentee father or an unpleasant,lying,self-centered individual? That’s my dilemma as I sit down to watch “I Am Cait” premiere on E! I know my questions won’t be answered in the first episode, but I wanted readers of the blog to understand my mind-set. 🙂


The show opens with a bang! Caitlyn can’t sleep and does a video journal at 4:30am. She has on no make-up and is very honest about her fears.

We then jump to the day after the Vanity Fair article hit with Jenner watching the program with her glam squad. Kim Kardashian calls Caitlyn with her twitter stats, because that’s important….and a pep talk of sorts abot beating Obama’s record.Ronda Kamihira (Kris Jenner’s ex assistant and BFF) is now Caitlyn’s stylist and is there watching the news with Caitlyn. That episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” when Kris Jenner thought Bruce was dating her friend Ronda Kamihira now makes sense….Rhonda was helping Bruce in his transition secretly, while Kris seethed about the friendship. Kris saw it as a dual betrayal.

Caitlyn is next shown in a talking-head interview stating the dangers facing the transgender community. The suicide rates are alarming. She wants to use her voice to become an advocate for the community, and claims to be an expert at “her story” only. It’s hard to focus on her face as she speaks because something has happened to Caitlyn’s left eye. Perhaps nerve damage from injections or one of the many facial plastic surgeries? The risks from the many cosmetic procedures she has had at age 65 are overwhelming, yet she continued to forge ahead which is admirable.

Caitlyn is excited because her mother and sister are coming to see her for the first time since transitioning. Mother Esther Jenner and sisters Lisa and Pamela discuss in the car how they found out about Bruce Jenner’s desire to become a woman, and what Bruce shared with them in the past about wanting to live an authentic life. Caitlyn is visibly nervous on camera waiting for them to arrive as Ronda helps her dress.When they arrive Esther is delighted and Caitlin’s sisters both think she’s beautiful! Esther tells Caitlyn she hid her secret very well and that she had no idea whatsoever about her gender issues. Caitlyn says she was a professional liar and kept it all locked away.

Esther-Jenner-and-Family ej

Kylie “Face Timed” Bruce while at the dentist. She had never seen her as Caitlyn. Kylie was under the influence of anesthesia and a bit loopy. She told Caitlyn she looked “not scary” and “so pretty” and she loved her “Daddy.” Caitlin has given all of the kids permission to still call her Daddy which is really sweet and helpful.

Esther has lots of questions for Caitlyn’s therapist Susan. Esther is the best part of this show and truly wants to learn more about her son’s journey being transgender. You can see her struggling to get to a place of total acceptance and questioning her own parenting decisions. Bruce’s 2 sisters are equally devoted to finding Caitlyn’s new appearance less shocking. Caitlyn is worried that her guy friends won’t be understanding. Later, Caitlyn and Esther sit down for a tearful heart to heart conversation. Esther identifies with the soul of her child, not the sex. Her love for Caitlyn/Bruce is beyond gender.

Kylie shows up unexpectedly and surprises the Jenner extended family. Esther gifts Kylie with a photo of herself taken at age 17. Kylie come in with glam on the brain and decides to give daddy a hair make-over adding long teal extensions. After she leaves Bruce worries that his children don’t really approve of him because they never visit. Khloe, Rob, and Kourtney have not seen Caitlyn since her transition and it makes her really sad. Caitlyn doesn’t want her family torn apart, but that may happen with some of his Kardashian step-children.

Kim and Kanye West pay a visit to Caitlyn while the Jenner’s are still visiting. Kanye has really been Caitlyn’s most vocal supporter and brought the same out in Kim. Kim goes through Caitlyn’s closet and discovers that Kris Jenner and Caitlyn both own the same Tom Ford dress. Plans to prank Kris asap ensue.

Caitlyn speaks out again on Transgender suicides which are reaching an epidemic. She travels down to San Diego to speak with the parents of a 14 yr-old Transgender youth named Kylar Prescott that took his own life weeks ago. She tries to offer comfort and support to Kylar’s mother. It’s good that the show used its last segment to raise awareness about teens facing gender identity issues. They need the help, resources, education,and understanding of us all to thrive. I wish more of the program would have focused on “doing good’ rather than visits from Kim and Kanye.

I give the first episode a “C” in content and an “A” for mom Esther Jenner.

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15 Comments on #IAmCait On E! What Did We Learn From Bruce Jenner’s Journey To Womanhood As He Became A She Named Caitlyn Jenner?

  1. I’ve been watching the new show on TLC about Jaz. I thought it would enlighten me or be refreshing, and it’s just another TLC remix of the perfect family except for one…slight…thing.

    I think that you all feel the same way as I do, Bruce is a FRAUD. So fraudulent, I feel like the Trashians have taken their shows to this level because their ratings were in the crapper.

    Now I’m going below to read about the LOL lady. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors about how and why her BF died.


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  2. gessiewtf is here? I’m in the right place then!

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  3. Are you sure it isn’t Kylie?

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  4. No freaking way! You lie!!! That would be like Joan Collins doing Playboy!

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  5. Did y’all see that Caitlyn just agreed to a spread in Playboy? #YIKES So much for this not being all about the $$$

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  6. I found it interesting that neither Kim or Kylie had a relationship with Caitlyn’s family as one of his sisters said nice to meet you to Kim, and to Kylie they said, I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. A jaded person would think that Caitlyn was using her mother and sisters to make her show more appealing. I saw genuine pain in that mother’s eyes. However it was edited nicely to have an all’s well that ends well type of quality.
    The mother of the transgendered child that had committed suicide seemed oddly flat. I kknow if one of my children had committed suicide I would be heavily medicated weeping my eyes out for all of eternity.. The father made the same facial expression when Caitlin was on the way in as when she was on the way out. He looked stunned int silence. The music that the child wrote was beautiful.
    Quite a bit of Caitlin’s duologue to the camera was repetitive and it seemed she was coached on statistics. Why do I feel like this person would not have given a rat’s arse about the transgendered community if he had not received the cues that he was a transgendered hero and had a new purpose in life. Helping transgendered children. How about you take care of your own children, asshole.
    Grade C-


    • Agree great points! Caitlyn would much rather go shopping with Kylie than do community service, but a girl needs a paycheck. What is wrong with her wonky eye BTW? Didn’t you notice?


      • Yes, I did. She either has a mild case of Bell’s Palsy or the surgeon cut a few nerves on the right side of her face.
        I totally noticed the eye, the whole side of that face was wonky. I’ll bet it was the plastic surgeon.

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        • You are right! Her mouth is wonky on the same side. He had 2 previous face-lifts before the feminizing of the face began. Even the best doctors can’t do much at his age with nerve damage. Then he starts smoking…..what an idiot! Great hobby to handle life with.

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