#DeadliestCatch and #TheBait Episode: “Knee Pops and Pus” 7/28/15

The world just fell off it’s axis…….Captain Bill Wichrowski  admitted on tonight’s edition of #TheBait that it was his fault  the Cape Caution took a huge wave last week while he fell asleep at the wheel. Bill didn’t want to admit it, but Captain Keith Colburn held his grumpy feet to the fire. Bill HATES looking less than the best, and I thought his head would explode, but he took the hot seat like a champ finally admitting fault. I’d hate working for that cup half empty Captain!

Which leads me to tonight’s episode which I have renamed “Knee Pops and Pus”

I don’t have to write anything else, you can fill it all in with the mental picture the title has given you. And you would be right! It was injury night on the Bering Sea courtesy of asshat Greenhorns on display. Captain Bill and Captain Keith each had separate incidents with new hires, and both turned into sea catastrophies.

On the Cape Caution Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski shows no sympathy for Greenhorn John’s badly infected hand that we saw pus oozing from last week. When they hit town to offload crab a nurse practitioner comes onboard to inspect the wound. Bill tries to downplay it so he can avoid sending John to Anchorage for proper medical care.

johns hand nurse

The hand is BAD and the nurse demands John go get proper medical treatment. He later returns to the ship with multiple medications, bandages, and strict orders not to get the wound wet or dirty. Did John not explain to the doctor he’s a crabber? Watch the video segment below courtesy of Discovery Channel.



Next we pop over to the Wizard where Captain Keith Colburn gives Greenhorn Amy Majors some bad news. She just isn’t able to handle the workload and is costing the boat money. Keith gave her an amazing pep-talk telling her that he saw her give 200% but the Wizard demands more than she can give. Amy leaves the boat with no shame and the respect of Captain and crew, Unfortunately that left Keith a man down.


He hires Amy’s replacement quickly, without being able to do proper background checks,on the same day they offload in Dutch Harbor. That mistake quickly bites Keith in the ass.

Back on the grind, the crew of the Wizard begins dropping their first string of crab pots. The boat is rocking in rough seas and Nigel the Greenhorn is having trouble finding his sea-legs. Unfortunately for Captain Keith he hired a guy with an artificial knee that pops out of place 5 minutes into his first shift. This kid obviously wanted 15 minutes of fame with a “Deadliest Catch” appearance, and risked his health and the crews lives by slipping on deck. Greenhorn Nigel’s knee hyper-extended and won’t go back into place. Keith can barely conceal his fury that Nigel didn’t disclose his injuries upfront and that his knee has a history of dislocating after a replacement surgery when he was 14. This injury causes the Wizard’s remaining crew a huge increase in workload, and Keith the cost of returning the boat back to Dutch Harbor! Keith kicks his own ass for not properly vetting the new hire so he could leave quickly. Sometimes when you roll the dice you win, this isn’t one of those times…

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  1. That happened to us too. We hired out the union hall a guy went the job site@ the end of the day. Next morning he didn’t come in because he had a torn hernia. L&I paid many of our friends were owners. We even had long term employees leave & have surgery on old bum knee from skiing. This happens all the time

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