#Tyga ‘s New Show Should Be Called “Trap Kingin With Tyga” For Manipulating A Spoiled Rich Teen Into Marriage For Her Money! Kylie Jenner Is About To Get Screwed (In Every Way Possible) By #TrapKingTyga

Kylie Jenner has been having a party on social media flaunting diamond watches, Cartier bracelets, and a new suspicious ring on “that” finger. Want to know why?


Sources say that since Tyga’s affair with Transgender model/porn star Mia Isabella was made public, Kylie and the Kardashian family have been on shaky terms with the rapper. More about that here:


Bruce/Caitlyn and Kris Jenner are against the affair as is Kim Kardashian, and now Kanye. That’s why none of the family helped promote Tyga’s “Gold” album on which Kanye produced several tracks! These people promote the opening of a door, but not Tyga’s album? The entire clan promoted the Tyga/Chris Brown collaboration “Fan Of A Fan” disc on Instagram and Twitter, even attending their LA concert to create hype.


They all FINALLY see Tyga for what he is, a minimally talented rapper with a taste for luxury, and an eye for one certain vulnerable teenage girl he can manipulate into marriage for profit. Kylie Jenner isn’t well-educated, nor very intelligent. She looks up to her older sisters wanting everything they have and more! Tyga is her ticket to a Beyonce-like public lifestyle. “KingKylie” went after him aggressively at Kim and Kanye’s wedding, taunting him sexually and letting him have her virginity. Kylie thinks that by becoming more sexually daring she can keep Tyga faithful, and they will become a power couple like Kimye. It won’t work. Tyga has got VERY specific sexual tastes that Kylie can’t fulfill. He and a group of A-list rappers are well-known in the transsexual community, hosting parties and participating in group sex with them. BlacChyna knows ALL of these secrets and can expose Tyga at any time.That’s why she tortures Kylie on Social Media. Kylie deserves what she gets from Chyna. You don’t break up a family for your own selfish desires, unless you are a teenage Kartrashian.

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Kylie forgives Tyga for EVERYTHING, convinced that he has been a victim of photo tampering. Her ego won’t let her believe that Tyga cheats on her because she is special. Tyga is taking no chances now. He’s going to whisk Kylie away for a quickie secret wedding to seal the deal on her fortune, before Kris Jenner can stop him with a pre-nup. More people will be coming forward with embarrassing evidence against Tyga very soon. He has to act FAST or lose the 2 years he has invested in his meal ticket. That’s why Tyga has a new name #TrapKing #TrapKinginWithTyga #TrapAHo….pick one. They all fit. August 11th is Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday. Tyga is going to take her away on a romantic vacation and have a minister waiting……then he’s going to get her pregnant quickly. “Just so his son King Cairo can have a sibling to play with.” More lies and manipulation. #TrapKing will own Kylie Jenner because she’s too stupidly “in love” to know better, and too spoiled to listen to anyone advising her against him. This lesson is going to cost Kylie Jenner dearly for life.


Great job protecting your baby Brucita and Momager Kris, and you too Khloe the enabler!


Eating a HoHo


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7 Comments on #Tyga ‘s New Show Should Be Called “Trap Kingin With Tyga” For Manipulating A Spoiled Rich Teen Into Marriage For Her Money! Kylie Jenner Is About To Get Screwed (In Every Way Possible) By #TrapKingTyga

  1. Is this what Kris wants for her daughters? Really? Kylie has no self worth or self esteem. And seriously, who wears press on nails? So 2005. Short nails are in. Maybe not in the transgendered community. This guy is a worthless pos, Trap King. I hope he ends up in jail soon. However, Kylie would just find another one.

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  2. This is what trap king means: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=trap+king

    Where have I been? I had no idea that Kylie lost her virginity to Tyga at Kim’s wedding. He was there with his wife. No wonder she’s so pissed! Who are all these rappers having tranny sex parties? What a bunch of little pu$$ies. Tyga needs to get his little butt kicked. Kanye should just do it and get it over with. Or hire someone so he doesn’t break a nail. Speaking of nails, how does Kylie get anything done with those FloJo nails of hers? gross

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  3. I think Kylie was the plain Jane of the family, and it made her insecure which is why she is having plastic surgery to look like Kim. Her parents can’t say anything about that, because they are addicted to plastic surgery. I, too wish she was my child. How far we have moved from feminism and the feminists lips are sealed. Women are only objects of sexual gratification and nothing more. Seventeen year old girls are so in need of guidance. You have to talk and talk and talk to them, and if 1% sticks in their brain you are lucky. Tyga is butt-arse ugly. Can somebody tell me what is attractive about him? He he supposed to be a catch? Speaking of Tyga, isn’t it ironic that Tyga is messing around with transsexuals like her Daddy. She is going to be so screwed up. I fear. They gave up control over her when they signed the papers so Tyga could use her and the papers for cosmetic surgery. I hope she has a bright future like Kendall, who is away a lot of the time. But I doubt it. Pretty soon Tyga will be beating her. What a f****ed up family. Poor kid.

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    • The kid spends her entire day looking in the mirror and taking videos of herself. In her family the only reward you get is if you are pretty and earning Mommy big bucks. She keeps looking at herself because appearance is everything, so she has nothing but that to value herself. Tyga owns her like a pimp owns his ho. Sad Sad Sad

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    • He kind of looks like a young Tiger Woods which = ugly.

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  4. I don’t think he will be able to pull it off. He’s not that smart. Seeing all the pictures you’ve posted catalogues her life. She has never been a teenager ever. My question is do you ever see the Jenner’s going away?

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    • I wish she was my kid so I could protect her. I think Kendall has been the smartest. She stays away from the family and has a legit career. Kylie is going the way of Kim and using her body to make money. I hope the demand for the family goes away. It truly was declining until Bruce decided to put on a dress. His new show wasn’t the hit E! expected. Freak factor has worn off and people don’t truly thinks she’s amazing. It’s just politically correct.

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