#ThingsKylieNeedsAt18 :Kylie Jenner Will Be 18 on August 10th And Will Be Hosting Her Own Party In Canada for $100K And Needs A Few Things In Her Suitcase…..

Our little Kylie Jenner will be “Jail-bait” no more in a matter of days! The self-titled #KingKylie is hosting a major blow-out (Dirty minds may laugh) in Canada since the drinking age is 18. TMZ reported on her party earlier today.


Kylie Jenner‘s turning 18 on Aug. 10th … but a celebration in the States is problematic, so we’ve learned she’s headed to Canada to get legally wasted!

Kylie’s throwing a rager at Beachclub Montreal. It’s Canada’s answer to Ibiza … a mini party island with a beach, pool, A-list DJs and lots of booze.

Here’s the best part … Kylie’s being paid to celebrate her own birthday, and paid well … we’re told between $100k and $200k, just for showing up.

The club’s owner, Olivier Primeau, is pulling out all the stops. Kylie will be choppered in, landing on a luxury boat that will dock next to a table stocked with bubbly. She’ll also celebrate with a $3k cake.

That’s not all that’s legal in Canada at 18. Happy birthday … Tyga.”
Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/07/30/kylie-jenner-18th-birthday-party-canada/#ixzz3hPTuOBVW

So what does the latest “legal to hump” Jenner/Kardashian THOT need to take with, and do to get ready for her biggest night ever? Bitch By Bravo has a few suggestions…….

1. Re-think your Rapper……#TakeDrake 

Your family loves him. Music Industry loves him. Net worth $40M. He’s also adorable and talented, making music that sells, instead of about “eating ass’ like #TrapKingTyga.

ky drake THURSDAY-02

2. Don’t listen to Khloe or just leave her home. She’s already taught you way too much about sex because she’s had more than all of your sisters combined INCLUDING Kim!

3. Since you WILL be taking Tyga To Canada and posting gross PDA pics/video on Instagram / Snapchat to show the world what a “Klassy Kouple” you are, make sure you get your shots up to date..HPV, Herpes, etc. are no joke! Do you know how many sexual partners Tyga has had? Guess what? Now you’ve had them too!! Congrats 🙂


4. You may not be a virgin (That ship sailed long ago) but perhaps you still have something you’ve been saving? It’s Khloe’s favorite gift to give new NBA players she dates, and Tyga’s mistress Mia Isabella loves it too…..Can you guess?

ab al butt ky ass

5. Take your slutty style to another level! This is your BIG day! Make sure you put all other THOTS to shame!! Your stylist Monica Rose will need a raise after “dressing” you for the party! Go full Miley Cyrus on em’ Kylie…you have “hooker- licking- good” down pat!

k vs kcwdkjkyga

6. Get MORE lip injections! Don’t stop now!! You are so close to your ideal image! Epione spa will see you now!

after inj lips


7. Bring an extra IPhone battery so you can delight us all with hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of the same raunchy rap song singing Snapchat stories…….

8. Make Sure Caitlyn Isn’t Invited…..she will Shade you!

9. Have Someone Eat The Cake….It Is Your Birthday! Or a burger….she’s so Klassy

cake eat

10. Leak your sextape at Midnight on Snapchat. Fans have waited soo long since Kim’s. Preview’s of what we can expect are available here courtesy of Mia Isabella: https://bitchbybravo.com/2015/07/08/tyga-cant-squirm-out-of-this-scandal-see-the-texts-kylie-jenners-boyfriend-sent-to-transsexual-model-mia-isabella-over-3-year-period/

Have A Happy Birthday Kylie! Make Us Proud!

Bitch By Bravo

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4 Comments on #ThingsKylieNeedsAt18 :Kylie Jenner Will Be 18 on August 10th And Will Be Hosting Her Own Party In Canada for $100K And Needs A Few Things In Her Suitcase…..

  1. Is it because of Beiber we’re gettin’ punished for it?

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  2. Plainjane. // July 31, 2015 at 1:10 am // Reply

    I love it. You hit the nail on the head. 😋

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