#AlaskanBushPeople Friday Night “Lost Footage” #BB40!! Come To Twitter And Meet The Best One-Liners On The Net!

Join Us!

#BushBash40 returns this Friday night 7/31 at 6pm Pacific time. Your hosts for the evening are #BitchByBravo, Captain Larry Sossin, with special guest judge #TheSkiff!! Tune into #AlaskanBushPeople on Discovery channel during the premiere showing of the “Lost-Footage” special. Then meet your witty match on Twitter in the #AlaskanBushPeople #BB40 thread! Only the funniest bastards need bother, because the competition is as stiff as Billy’s beard in winter! This is Brown bashing at it’s finest, so if you think #GeniusNoah would be your dream guy-stay off Twitter. You will be flogged. Last week’s winner was able to use a Snake Plisskin via “Escape From NY” reference for the win.

Yeah I didn’t think you were up for it. See all of the brave at #BB40!! Don’t be tardy!!


If you have any questions i’m @BitchByBravo on Twitter or check out last week’s winning tweets here:


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2 Comments on #AlaskanBushPeople Friday Night “Lost Footage” #BB40!! Come To Twitter And Meet The Best One-Liners On The Net!

  1. Oh Goodie! I’m in a monsoon tonight. This is just the entertainment I need to cheer me up! #roads flooded #Mission Impossible

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