@Discovery Channel Supplied Footage That “Should Have Remained Lost” In An Attempt to Cash In On #AlaskanBushPeople , But The #BushBashers Went For The Kill and Won Instead!

Before announcing the winners of #BB40 a quick public service announcement to our “friends” at Discovery. Here at Bitch By Bravo we have very simple rules for #BushBashing during “Alaskan Bush People.” Tweets must be posted during the premiere showing of the latest episode each Friday to be eligible.Said Tweets must also be YOUR OWN. There is no copying/stealing of tweets allowed! Tonight we had a major rule broken…….and guess who the culprit was?

Never steal the tweet of the #BushBash blogger and use it as your own. I’m speaking to YOU @AlaskanBushPeople


stole my tweet!2

7 minutes later…….@AlaskanBushPeople social media account below. Checking the Twitter feed much?

stole my tweet!

@Discovery also thought it could divert the #BushBashers by flooding the twitter stream with troll accounts.I think not Discovery. Your tweeters were weak like Billy’s work ethic. Nuff said.


You even tried to hire an old lady for sympathy? That was a nice move. I can respect the psychology behind it. Love you Nelds.


Advice to Discovery channel? Fire your social media team pronto or at least before another season airs. Make programs you can be proud of with families not wanted for fraud against the state in which you film, and make money in. Do both and you just might have another hit like Deadliest Catch this century.

Sorry for the sermon guys, but you only had to suffer through an hour of #Browntown lost footage. I’m reliving it through the tweets, which are great, in spite of ABP material not fit for consumption! Enjoy the winners….

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Great job #BushBashers! It’s been a pleasure fighting to put the real in reality with all of you!

See you next season xoxo

Bitch By Bravo

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16 Comments on @Discovery Channel Supplied Footage That “Should Have Remained Lost” In An Attempt to Cash In On #AlaskanBushPeople , But The #BushBashers Went For The Kill and Won Instead!

  1. So much for Ami the fifteen year old bride who never went to high school and home schooled her kids in geometry, physics, philosophy and creative writing.

    Friday, January 2, 2009
    My Life My World My Dream
    I grew up fishing the waters of Alaska with my family you see we were always a family boat with my Dad as the skipper and us the family as the crew. when we would be blown in to a cove of just out on ancher my Dad would write storys at first just for us but then he started reading them to the bush kids as we would sail around from one Alaskan town to the next fishing. my brothers and I started a company saleing our Dads storys about 9 years ago, just as a thing to do over the summers but our world changed forever after our Dad went into a coma for no reson at least the docters could not find one even wioth all the tests thay did on him, he was in the coma for 8 days 75% of his brain had swollen and he was minets from dieing when he finely woke up, he had been flown to Seattle and they could only take one person with him and that was me.
    after we made our way back to Alaska and the rest of the family, my Dad retired from fishing felling he could no longer risk being the skipper of a fishing boat, since were and had always been a family boat my brothers and I would not get jobs on othere fishing boats, so we put everything we had into our company, two of my brothers are varry gifted artists and have drawn pics that go with some of our Das books, we publish all our Dads books with our company A.W.F.P. [Alaska Wilderness Family Productions] since the books cost so much to have printed we can only print “One Wave at a Time” the true story of our life here in Alaska my Dad has written over 75 books both for younger readers and older kids as well as more then one over 400 pag novel, we now every one would like the books if we could just get them out there It is my dream and the dream of my family that one day every kid in the world well have readed my Dads books, we have lost almost everything we have to lose trying not to sale out to a large publisher that would take everything and leave us only 8% of our own company we built from the ground up right now A.W.F.P. isnt much but our dream is to make this company work. When you buy a copy of “One Wave at a Time a true story” your not just geting a great book your helping make our dream come true. plese help us and not let us lose the company we have fought so hared to build. i know you all have dreams help us make our dream come true.

    “One Wave at a Time a true story” by Billy Bryan Brown [my Dad]
    available at Barns & Noble and amazon.com for just $24.95 every book we sale helps to make our dream come true thanks for your help :]

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  2. ONE WAVE AT A TIME Paperback – September 10, 2007
    by Billy Bryan Brown (Author)
    27 customer reviews
    See all 2 formats and editions


    from $189.87
    6 Used from $189.87 1 New from $2,526.76

    THIS IS FROM AMAZON. A new copy costs $2,562.76.00 I was going to take one for the team, but as you can see it is prohibitively priced. They don’t want anybody to read these books!

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  3. Walt Schmidt · Works at Aircraft Contract Mechanic
    Chichigof Island land is selling for almost $40,000 an acre. How do these broke ass people buy 29 acres? Yet the mothers teeth are rotting out of her head.

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    • That’s why Discovery paid to lease it. They have no money. The judgements on each Brown if they lose their case vs State Of Alaska will be six figures. Hope Ms. SH gets the details from Hoonah and posts soon 🙂


  4. They are most assuredly not allowed to kill anything but a rat, as they are filming in a national park. You can’t just go around blasting wild animals like the Dentist from hell. Also in Alaska. There are seasons for different game. The native Alaskans can hunt and fish any way they like in accordance with their traditions. Billy Boob probably is shooting bee bees. I doubt a criminal like him would be able to obtain a permit to carry, and I highly doubt they have their various hunting licensees in order. There is no way these idiots hunt enough food to feed themselves, and Billy is a fat slob. You don’t get fat like that eating wild berries and lean deer meat. If you notice, they used to talk about hunting because otherwise they would starve in the winter. They don’t talk like that anymore. Because somebody will rat them out. I’m sure all it would take is one phone call to Fish and Game and ask if it is o.k. for them to hunt in a nature preserve. They are all so full of shite. I have no doubt that over the summer, they are arrested for something. TLC needs to change it’s name. I think we should put a bounty on the head of billy Bob and watch him high tail it back to wherever they are really from. I want to see if that blob with the smoker’s hack can run 50 yards without collapsing. I doubt it. Why do they think we are so stupid.

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    • Billy is soooo fat!! It’s all the pointing and no working, plus Hoonah In and Out Burger lol! They film 10 minutes away from town! Ms.SH has a cool map on one of her posts with locations and miles roundtrip. They don’t eat deer meat or anything else out there. Discovery has a catering budget for the crew and I’m guessing “The stars” too!


  5. Of course the bears would have eaten the chickens! If they had had any balls, they would have panned to the house and shown the absurd cloth front door. Or they would have carried the charade all the way through by tossing the inside of the cabin. Cowards. I watched very carefully. They didn’t mess with Noah’s little house of horrors, either. This show is starting to piss me off because it is sooooooooo fake. You live (allegedly) in one of the most bear dense places on earth, but you are absolutely astonished when you come home, and a bear went through your garbage. And then Billybore says something to the effect of, “Well, I guess this is what we have to put up with as the price we pay to live in the bush. No, bitch. Liar!!!!!!!! Infidel! Prostitution whore! Mongoloid!
    If you have ever seen Life Below Zero, which is a pretty good show actually, Sue has actually had a bear come through her WALLS and start chomping on her in the middle of the night. These posers piss me off. That miscreant who is always running never even carries a rifle with him when he is rolling and tumbling in the woods. He is so scared of da bears. I can’t stand their sanctimonious bullshite much longer. They are genuine gypsies in the truest sense of the word. Scammers extraordinaire. And that Noah? What a creep. Creepy like a serial killer creep. CPS should take the girls. They won’t however, because they don’t actually live there they live in town where they are widely despised by 99.9% of the population. I wish Billy would stfu about his filthy perverse family and fall into another coma. I think it is time for a well-placed tip to the FBI by yours Truly. They have to have warrants under other names. Ah, it has been a pleasure Ms. Bitch watching this show with you. And your twitter cohorts.

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    • DUDE!! You are brill! You reminded me of something the crew said in the footage last night! They said they hired Bear wranglers or something to that effect to protect the crew/family while filming!!! How could the “Bears” then tear up the camp ground if they are being kept away??? More LIES by Discovery!!!


    • Love Love Love your comments and tweets!! PS wrote a new Bruce blog….teehee

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      • I like that we are like-minded. I don’t give a rats arse if anybody thinks it is politically correct not to worship Bruce Jenner. He is a mentally ill pos. I’m going to go read your article. There are 0.0 bloggers besides you and Ms Stoopid who have the guts to tell it like it is with this pog.

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  6. That was fun! It was hard to pick out my favorite, but the tweeter’s are intuitive when it comes to meth (explains the teeth, explains everything. Ami breastfed while cooking meth) and then put it in their fruit loops.

    They never showed the house in the lost footage or in the original footage after the bear attack.
    That’s because they want us to believe that bears would rather eat pvc pipe than go through the cloth door of their house. Epic fail of a season ending. “Cleaning up Browntown after bear attack”, my ass.

    Family said 19 times for all of you that don’t love your families they way they do.

    I want to see the parents taken away in handcuffs.

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    • Somebody made a great point last night on twitter. Wouldn’t the bears have eaten the chickens? Production messed up the camp to look like bears did it. So tired of the show and glad I don’t have to watch anymore!


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