@Caitlyn_ Jenner Still Speaks, Acts, And Has Same Conservative Values As Bruce. He/She Also Still Lives Like A Hermit In Malibu And Had To Hire Friends For E! Show #IAmCait

As the readers of Bitch By Bravo know, this blogger has long questioned the validity and desire of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s commitment to his transgender identity and leadership in the community. Bruce’s journey has been documented extensively, first with Diane Sawyer’s interview, and now with “I Am Cait.” Bruce claims that as “Caitlyn Jenner” he can finally become the person he was always meant to be. But no matter how much Caitlyn claims to have become a “better person” than Bruce, a few of Bruce’s traits can’t be erased.

At heart Bruce Jenner is a recluse who enjoys solitary pursuits like golf and flying airplanes. The same can be said for Caitlyn. Producers of “I Am Cait” were hard-pressed to find friends to film with “her” from the transgender community. Bruce’s friends haven’t been contacted by Caitlyn because she feels they will think she’s weird according to comments she’s made on the show. Caitlyn hadn’t attempted to meet other transsexual males before filming began. This put E! into the ackward position of having to HIRE friends for Caitlyn. Radar Online reported 7/31/15


According to a well-connected Kardashian family insider, the 65-year-old “actually held auditions for the role of her transgender BFFs for the television show!”
“Caitlyn didn’t just meet all of these already famous transgender people by accident – of course they were cast and, yes, they are getting paid,” says the source. “When you are appearing on a major network show on several episodes you do not do that for free. There are auditions and a selection process,” adds the insider.

As fans know, Jenner has grown especially close to CandisCayne, and the source says she was cast too.

“It’s great chance that Caitlyn and Candice really have hit it off and are actually BFFs now,” the source says. “That sure helps.”

Caitlyn’s other bothersome trait and the one causing her extreme insecurity is her voice. Bruce Jenner’s grating cackle was often imitated by sons Brody and Brandon Jenner during “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” But no surgery can change Caitlyn’s voice from Bruce’s distinctive tone. In a clip from this Sunday’s “I Am Cait” Kim Kardashian-West tries to help Caitlyn sound feminine with disasterous results. (clip by Clever News via YouTube)

You would also be inclined to think that Bruce’s staunch republican/conservative values would change as he morphed into Caitlyn, but that hasn’t happened. It causes upset with his new transgender friends who don’t understand why Caitlyn isn’t sympathetic to the social programs and funding needed for the community “she” is now part of.

I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner

(Photo and following entry by E! News)

Caitlyn Jenner is on a mission to educate herself about issues facing the trans community.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from this Sunday’s episode of I Am Cait, the 65-year-old takes a road trip with some of her new girlfriends. The trans women try to help Cait understand the tragic challenges trans men and women face across the country.

“What’s the big issue?” Cait asks. Chandi replies, “They’re homeless, unemployed, so it’s just going to take a lot more.”

“I think if I was to focus on one area it would be entry level jobs so that these girls have some alternative if they wanted,” Jen Richards says.

As conversation continues, Caitlyn’s conservative views become a problem for some of her friends.

“Don’t a lot of times they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job,” Cait says. “But you don’t want people to get totally dependent on it. That’s when they get in trouble. ‘Why should I work?'”

“Now I’m worried,” LGBT activist Jenny Boylan says as the other women react uncomfortably to Cait’s statement. “Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Living in the bubble is an impediment to understanding other people. Cait’s going to be a spokesperson for the community. This is something she’s going to have to understand.”

Watch the clip to see just how dramatic things get.


Bruce has always lived in a bubble being in America’s top 10% of income earners and Caitlyn will be wealthier than Bruce Jenner ever dreamed of. His lack of compassion for the largest portion of the Liberal transgender population makes him/her a poor choice to act as a leader for the community. Jenner wasn’t a leader in his male identity, and by all accounts wasn’t a well-liked person. Caitlyn would have been happy as a private cross-dresser out in Malibu, but the almighty dollar makes us do things we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. Bruce always cared about Bruce’s needs first. Caitlyn isn’t any different. She had to go big with the “Caitlyn” identity change, or stay in hiding and risk more humiliating exposure by tabloids. This was a very well planned PR move by Jenner and his team and hopefully makes him happy as “her.” It’s hasn’t been the best situation for his children who are still struggling every day to make sense of Bruce’s late in life transition.

Jenner truly isn’t concerned with Transgender appropriate pronouns as someone in his position of influence should be.His step-daughter Khloe Kardashian told Complex magazine and Australian show “The Project” a few surprising facts.


“While Caitlyn Jenner’s family has been nothing but supportive throughout her transition, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still adjusting. Khloe Kardashian admitted that while the world may know her as Caitlyn, she and her sisters still call her Bruce.

“We don’t like to say that Bruce is gone, per se, my sisters and I we will call Caitlyn ’Bruce,’” she told Australian TV show “The Project.” “We’ve been told that is completely fine and she’s told us we are allowed to call her any name we want to. Because on the phone she calls me, it’s the same voice as Bruce. If I’m not physically with her it’s hard to remember that in the moment that I’m talking to Caitlyn, if that makes sense.”

“Most transgender people would like everyone to begin using their new name and pronoun immediately, but it is not uncommon for family members to be the slowest to start using them,” Nick Adams, Director of Programs for Transgender Media at GLAAD, told us. “For other families that awkward time before everyone makes the switch is private, but for this family that experience is playing out in the public eye. Eventually most families get accustomed to the new name and pronoun and it ceases to be an issue.”

Those statements are exactly what Khloe was stating, saying that while Caitlyn’s transition has been a “beautiful thing,” it has been hard for the family to adjust in the public eye.”

Caitlyn Jenner

Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair photo

“I think what people don’t seem to remember is that this is our real lives and that a lot of these things we are experiencing in real-time with Caitlyn,” Khloe said. “I mean, it’s a beautiful thing that she’s transitioned and she’s strong enough to have her own voice and wanting to make such monumental, beautiful moves and be that crusader to do so, but I think there was a hard time for the entire family where we were all transitioning with her in front of an audience that’s not really the normal way to go about it.”

To date Rob, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kourtney’s 3 children have not been to see Caitlyn since the transition. Kris Jenner was filmed for Caitlyn’s show on Friday at the latter’s Malibu home. This was Kris’s first time seeing her former husband as a woman so it must have been an emotional scene. Those Kardashian/Jenner’s truly have no boundaries. We wish them all luck and happiness, regardless of whatever issues remain during this tough transition.

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13 Comments on @Caitlyn_ Jenner Still Speaks, Acts, And Has Same Conservative Values As Bruce. He/She Also Still Lives Like A Hermit In Malibu And Had To Hire Friends For E! Show #IAmCait

  1. donewithbravo // August 3, 2015 at 12:48 am // Reply

    All classic examples of why someone SHOULDN’T sing!!!

    BBB: Great blog. You already know how much I agree with you on this topic. He/she (sorry, I won’t change the pronoun in his case b/c I don’t buy it!) is a poor example of a transgender person. No one wants him/her–not the LGBT community (after they hear his thoughts!), not his own family, and I’m sure the K’s will separate from Bruce a bit too. But in the end, he and Kris will get millions for this ingenious branding.

    In the meantime, Bruce is still a horrible parent to ALL of his biological (and step) children. That won’t change.

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  2. LOL! It’s fine and funny!


  3. This may the worst thing ever recorded. I hope you are still speaking to me in the morning. I got off topic and took up tons of your blog space. sorry!


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  4. Sorry you have to be the victim of my insomnia. This is a classic.

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  5. Just for laughs, Linda McCartney singing with Paul McCartney and “wings.”

    you get the idea, don’t have to listen to it all.

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  6. Caitlyn Jenner speaks on the Howard Stern show.


  7. Kanye massacres Queen in Glastonberry and declares himself the greatest rock and roll singer of all time.

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  8. Sorry, this is off topic, the entire bunch of them is completely insane. Listen to Kanye sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonberry one of the best concerts in the world. He sang this after he proclaimed himself the greatest rock and roll singer of all time. They are ALL delusional. He also said that Kim Kardashian was the Marilyn Monroe of this generation.


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