#IAmCait On E! Episode 2 Recap “Caitlyn Transitioned In A Bubble And Has Much To Learn Before Becoming A Leader In The Transgender Community,” According To Jennifer Finney Boylan


After a bumpy start, E! network’s I Am Cait became more informative and less like a Stayfree maxi-pad advertisement. No more long shots of Caitlyn/Bruce in a flowing dress on the cliffs above Malibu! Hurray! Sunday’s episode centered around Cait’s knowledge of the Transgender community in Los Angeles and becoming a leader for the men and women who struggle with gender identity issues.

Caitlyn invited a group of Transgender “girlfriends” (Hired by E!) out to her Malibu estate to discuss social and economic issues facing the community. Having only been “out” for two weeks at the time of filming, Caitlyn Jenner had no real knowledge of Transgender struggles, except perhaps finding shoes in a size 13 wide. With her extreme wealth Cait was able to transition in a bubble, where everything is sunshine, public acceptance, Prada, and glam rooms. The ladies who came to lunch had very different stories to tell with experiences ranging from work in the sex trade, homelessness, suicide attempts, and being victims of hate crime.


Photos by E Online

Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Republican politics also came out to play after she criticized social programs for Transgender people in the group of mixed women. The faces were priceless. It’s surprising that no one really hit back at Jenner. Perhaps they were too stunned? One of Cait’s guests in attendance during those comments is noted Transgender activist Jennifer Finney Boylan. She spoke to E! cameras during a talking head interview segment during the episode.

“Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she chooses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive. That’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Jennifer Finney Boylan says in the one-minute clip released ahead of Sunday’s episode.“Living in the bubble is an impediment to understanding other people. Cait’s going to be a spokesperson for the community. This is something she’s going to have to understand,” Boylan added.


Caitlin has also developed a crush on another Transgender friend named Candis Cayne which is odd.


Cait has insisted all along that “she” has no sexuality and refers to herself as asexual. Candis is gorgeous and at least 20 years younger than Bruce/Cait. Her last boyfriend was a DJ and he was smoking hot,so we understand Candis prefers men! I was unable to ascertain weather Ms.Cayne has had gender re-assignment to remove her penis, and a vagina created surgically.Bruce typically loved women and Caitlyn obviously finds women attractive too. Caitlyn’s crush on Candis would make sense if Candis now has female genitalia. They have been seen together in public frequently over the past few months, so perhaps the rumors and playful editing are true?

Next week’s episode features more of the road trip, and jealousy erupts between Ronda and Caitlyn. Sounds more Kardashian-esque than informative, but we will wait and see! Stop looking at the outside Caitlyn and start working on the inside. Until next week……B3

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11 Comments on #IAmCait On E! Episode 2 Recap “Caitlyn Transitioned In A Bubble And Has Much To Learn Before Becoming A Leader In The Transgender Community,” According To Jennifer Finney Boylan

  1. I watched it. Watching paint drying would have been more productive and less boring! Gessiewtf has it right: Bruce Jenner’s Journey of Total Narcissism at His Children’s Expense should be the title.
    Can’t some fabulous drag queen teach him how to move and use his hands? He is a moose with ridiculous nails!

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  2. ***making faces, sorry

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was about to ask if anyone is actually watching this crap, but judging by your comments no one is. He’s such a tool. I saw on the previews he was walking around in a swimsuit all butchy mcGee and making facing like a meth head. He’s scary as hell! Maybe he should stare in the mirror all day like Kim does and practice his girly faces. Or it could be his face is jacked up from all the surgery and botox… I dunno!

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  4. I watched the first episode and that was it for me. No, no, no to the referring to himself in the first person, no, no, F**k no to that red lipstick, and no, no, no to Jenner’s ginormous ego. I don’t care to hear the word community every five seconds. “I’m the new normal” Ah, no you aren’t Gramps. You have been married three times, you brought six kids into the world, and you failed each and every one of them. You like penis. You are gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. But as far as I know, lesbians are not into transvestites. I think the reason he doesn’t cut off his wee wee is because he wants to play with other wee wee’s while they play with his. I don’t need to see that. Nor do I care to imagine it. I don’t care about your forking journey. It is a journey of narcissism and bullshite.

    Hoever, Ms. Biatch, I am very glad you are recapping the show, because I will read the recaps and if something interesting happens, I can watch it then. Thank you for taking one for the team. So to speak.

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    • The show is shit. Watching the “REAL” transgender community ladies serve some Bruce peen up on a platter made it awesome. “Being Trans isn’t just about make-up and clothes.” They said! Buwahaha! Unless you are Jenner and a cross-dresser. He wants to twirl and paint fingernails not stand up for human rights! Such a tool….

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  5. donewithbravo // August 4, 2015 at 3:08 am // Reply

    Nice to read about it here. I’d never add to Bruce’s ratings. The people paid to be on his show wouldn’t outright disagree with him. Their $$ would stop, and I’m sure that Bruce’s editors would cut that out anyway!

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