#KimRichards Shoplifting Problem Isn’t A New One….The Former #RHOBH Has Lots Of Demons In Her Closet….

By now most readers have heard that Kim Richards was arrested Monday August 3rd and charged with petty theft. The actress allegedly stole $600 worth of general merchandise from Target in the San Fernando Valley.This is the second arrest for the troubled former child star. Earlier this summer she was arrested for assault on a police officer after her drunken behavior at The Beverly Hills Hotel’s famous Polo Lounge. Richards has been in and out of rehab 3 times since the Hotel incident in April. Details from Monday’s arrest at Target reported by Us Weekly below.


Kim Richards seems to really like Target. The troubled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was arrested on Sunday, Aug. 2, for allegedly shoplifting from the retailer in San Fernando Valley, Calif., and now, the Los Angeles City Attorney tells Us Weekly that she is accused of stealing more than 100 items. The plethora of items totaled about $612.

While the exact inventory of what Richards allegedly shoplifted has yet to be revealed, the reality star’s cart was filled mainly with toys, Entertainment Tonight reports.

The former child star was charged and arraigned on Monday, Aug. 3, on one count of petty theft. Richards, who spent the night in jail, was released on Monday, Aug. 3, on $5,000 bail.

Following her arrest, Richards’ ex-husband Monty Brinson told Entertainment Tonight he was shocked to hear the news. “I couldn’t imagine Kim stealing or shoplifting anything. She is a giver,” he said, adding he’s “guaranteed this must be some kind of mistake.”

Richards, for her part, pleaded not guilty and is due in court Aug. 20. This incident comes after she was arrested for public intoxication, battery, and resisting arrest after getting into a drunken confrontation with police at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April. Following the spat, Richards checked into multiple rehab facilities.

As previously reported by Us, Richards will not be returning to RHOBH.
Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/kim-richards-allegedly-stole-over-100-items-from-target-details-201548#ixzz3hz0OzD2n

Kim Richards spiral isn’t anything new according to an item in yesterday’s Blind Gossip. It appears that Richards not only has severe addictions to alcohol and prescription pain killers, but is also addicted to shoplifting! With Kim’s lifelong psychological struggles and alleged abuse as a child actor in Hollywood, her most recent crime isn’t shocking. Her late mother and sisters covered up Kim’s behavior for years. Now that those bridges are burned the public is seeing how ill Kim truly is, and that long-term psychiatric care is needed. Where is Dr.Phil or Dr. Drew now?? Clearly Kim needs to be placed in a facility, involuntarily if need be. She’s unable to care for herself and is truly a danger to others.

See the article from “Blind Gossip” here:

The Little Thief

girl stealing[Blind Gossip] Just because she was publicly caught for the first time doing something doesn’t mean that it was her first time doing it!

This woman has always had impulse control problems. She also has a long history of taking things that don’t belong to her.

When she was a famous child actress, she regularly got into trouble for stealing. She would cry and beg the store manager not to report her, claiming that it would ruin her career. She would say that she thought someone else had already paid for it, or that someone else had dared her to do it. She was a good little actress – and quite famous at the time – and the store manager didn’t want to be responsible for ruining some famous kid’s life over a $10 pair of earrings. So they simply released her to the custody of her parents. As she was making more money than them at the time – and they could not do anything to her that would interfere with her work – her parents just let it go, too. Without any consequences,  the little thief never had reason to stop her behavior.

Her family will say that they are shocked and that this is the first time that something like this has ever happened. They may even try to blame it on need or substance abuse or forgetfulness. However, they all know her history. The little thief has done this many, many times over the years. This is simply the first time she was unable to get away with it.

Read more at BlindGossip.com

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6 Comments on #KimRichards Shoplifting Problem Isn’t A New One….The Former #RHOBH Has Lots Of Demons In Her Closet….

  1. She is a sick puppy. I feel that she was probably used up as a child and we now are seeing what the end result looks like. Big Kathy taught her girls a twisted way to be and Hollywood reinforced the lesson. I feel sorry for Kim’s kids and I actually feel sorry for Vyle. Wow. Did I just type that? Yep, Kyle seems less vile now…

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  2. donewithbravo // August 9, 2015 at 5:09 am // Reply

    Even though this is a very sad story (her mother f**ked up all 3 daughters, Hollywood f**ked her up–literally…..), maybe the deep dark truths will come out about how truly sick Hollywood was and still is. She needed psychological help and probably never got it.

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  3. It cant get much lower? Hoping.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kim, not Tar-zay? Kohl’s, Sears, JC Penney’s even. Making fun, but I hope she finds peace….

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