#RHOC @BravoTV Recap: #VodkaShannon Spits, Vicki Heaves, Tamra Goes Topless, Meghan Wears Horrifying Headband, And Heather Only Orders Dinner For Herself….

The End.


Ok….Ok….I’ll give you a few more highlights.

  1. Vicki, Gramballs, and #VodkaShannon decide to whoop it up alone. To Shannon’s delight the “Fireballs” turned out to be Vodka shots. I’m 100% sure she gave the waiter $50 to make that “mistake.” Both Vicki and Gramballs look like they are going to launch, barely managing to keep the shots down. #VodkaShannon was ready to open a vein and sucked hers down with gusto. The 3 of them end up in the pool while “whooping” it up. Heather and the other women show up later and get the Dubrow stink-eye.
  2. Gramballs jumped naked into the ocean and almost immediately dead fish began to float to the surface! #911
  3. David Beador is home smiling for a change….
  4. Vicky did the same disgusting dry heaving on this vacation that she did in Bali..
  5. Vicky drove a golf cart into the middle of the resort’s bar.
  6. Vicky and #VodkaShannon are scared of stingrays and mounted a local guide underwater at the waist.
  7. Meghan fake-cried about not having biological children-nobody cared.
  8. Meghan’s head-band was borrowed from Prince and the Revolution’s Purple Rain album cover shoot.


That’s all you get folks. B3

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9 Comments on #RHOC @BravoTV Recap: #VodkaShannon Spits, Vicki Heaves, Tamra Goes Topless, Meghan Wears Horrifying Headband, And Heather Only Orders Dinner For Herself….

  1. Great recap! Short and sweet! Unlike the actual episode…

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  2. How on earth did they take so many vodka shots? With Shannon it’s understandable, but the others? Ew, that makes me want to dry heave like Vicky did on the boat. Meghan is such a cold fish. How does she not have one single ounce of a personality? Maybe her headbands are too tight. Also, who cares if #vodkaShannon’s kid wrapped a house? You know how many houses I tp’d? So her all star, clumsy basketball player daughter might have broke her leg in the process. That’s what she forgets! lol, I had to throw that in. That’s what my son used to say when he was little instead of that’s what you get. Anyway Tamballs is annoying.

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  3. When I travel I always say I am Canadian. Those old broads should be in a mud-wrestling pit in some biker bar in Brownsville.

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