#AlaskanBushPeople #BBWTF Winning Tweets! Bush-Bashers Scored, While @Discovery Audience Snored Through “A Wild Year” Special!

Alaskan Bush People continued to disappoint fans, and delight those who mock the show on Twitter tonight. Although the season finale was two weeks ago, Discovery channel is trying to milk money from extra footage it can throw together, including the “Lost Footage” special on 7/31 and tonight’s “A Wild Year”  I speak for the masses when I say,”no more Alaskan Bush People programs until next season.” I don’t mind begging if it works. Are you listening powers that be?

If I were the CEO at Discovery I would be looking at more than ratings when airing shows. People aren’t stupid. We can find criminal histories online, like the Brown’s fraud charges against the state of Alaska’s Permanent Fund. Discovery you need to stop and give your viewership credit for intelligence. People are angry over Billy Brown’s criminal past and present, regardless of how you try to divert their attention like politicians on a “Family Values.” platform. You had the Browns answer viewer questions for a few moments of tonight’s episode, but wasted the opportunity with “fluff” instead of substance. Discovery used to be a network with excellent programming based on facts. Now it’s jumped the “Shark Week” into scripted reality, and the viewers are showing their displeasure Friday nights on Twitter.

So which of the Alaskan Bush People’s “BushBashers” had the wittiest tweets at the show’s expense? Look no further! The winners of #BushBashWTF are…………….

a A2 b B2 c C2 d D2 e E2 f F2 g G2 h H2 i I2 j J2 k K2 L2 m M2 n N2 o O2 p P2 q Q2 r R2 s S2 t T2 u U2 v V2 w x X2 y Y2 z

#TheSkiff via Ryan Berenz loved the tweet by @roadhammer11 and chose it as his pick of the week! I loved it too so it’s featured in both sections! Great job Dennie 🙂

skiff win


Thanks to all of my #BushBasher buddies! You people keep it real and extremely funny, even when it’s not meant to be! Time to pick a new show for fall! Tweet me @BitchByBravo or message me your suggestions here at bitchbybravo.com

You are rockstars – B3


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