#KylieJenner Gets a $320K Ferrari For Turning 18, But Can’t Even Drive An Automatic…#StayInSchool #KUWTK

Dear “Poor Little Rich Girl” Kylie Jenner,

You are not equipped to handle yourself in this world. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s dangerous. Cutting corners on your “home-school” education wasn’t a good idea. Neither was not learning to take care of your own basic necessities like laundry or paying bills. Your mom Kris Jenner cares only for the almighty dollar, because making you rich for life means she’s done a good job as a mother. Luckily for you Tyga was around to complete your most important lesson plan.He’s made you into the perfect rapper’s delight just like big sis Kim! Unfortunately for you Kylie, you won’t be able to use the $320,000 Ferrari “King Tyga” purchased ( I’m guessing leased! ) for your birthday……


Why can’t she use it? Because the poor dear can hardly handle an automatic transmission, and the only “stick” she’s familiar with is the one in Tyga’s pants.


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