#RHOC Episode 10 “Girl Code” Fighting and Drinking On The Island Of Moorea With The Ladies Of The OC!

Why on earth is the episode named after Countess Louann’s summer song,”Girl Code?” There are no more new ideas in the Housewives franchise, except cancellation.

#RHOC has been bottom-feeding for eons. Tonight’s plot is NO different. During last week’s episode Vicki Gunvalson and #VodkaShannon tell Gramballs Tamra about Heather Dubrow’s close friendship with Jim Edmund’s second wife Allison. Both ladies feel upset that Heather is breaking “Girl-Code” by  befriending Jim’s 3rd wife and castmate Meghan Edmunds, and back-burnering Allison since she’s no longer the wife . Keep in mind that during this conversation all three Housewives are drunk and Heather isn’t there to defend herself or explain the situation. It’s just gossip and speculation-exactly how the Housewife franchise was built!


Tonight’s episode picks up with really bad hangovers in Moorea. Tamra delights us with her diarrea description and Vicky vomits loudly for all to hear. Vodka Shannon with her nebulizer is also unable to function, and stays at the hotel with vomiting Vicki instead of scuba diving with the group. As Heather and Lizzie swim with the fishes, Tamra spends time with Meghan. Of course Tamra gossips, disclosing that Heather is close with Jim’s second wife Allison. Meghan is surprised that once again she is the topic of conversation among the women

Vicky and Shannon finally wake up and start drinking AGAIN to get rid of their hangovers. This gives Vicki an opportunity to bring up Shannon’s marriage……ugh time for #VodkaShannon tears and more “David cheated on me” conversation! Shannon discloses that she unknowingly became friends with the woman that David cheated with?? That’s a little twisted. David has no interest in this relationship and Shannon needs to find strength in herself. Let him go.


It’s dinner time again and all of the ladies are able to join the table. All of the drunkeness has subsided momentarily, but wine is being served with dinner.Tamra has told Meghan about the conversation with #VodkaShannon and Vicky speaking ill about her desire to have Jim’s kids as her own. Tamra has also told Meghan about Heather’s relationship with Jim’s ex-wife during the diving trip, letting her know they are very good friends. Heather Dubrow then confronts #VodkaShannon about more nonsense gossip Tamra spread, and as usual when cornered Tamra denies or deflects. Ugh.



Gee Tamballs, perhaps if you quit gossiping behind HW’s backs you wouldn’t get called out for being a “Shit Stirrer” EVERY season?

On the way back to the hotel they play bumper carts and Heather is not amused. Shannon can drink anywhere and not spill a drop! During the bumpy ride Meghan tells Tamra that Shannon called her a shit stirrer at the dinner table.


Yum Yum Grey Goose! #VodkaShannon is the only HW that can’t wait until they get to the bar for a drink!

rh6 rh4

Tamra can’t keep a straight face either!


Back at the hotel World WarIII breaks out between Judgy-Eyes-Vodka-Shannon and Meghan over what Meghan relayed to Tamra.Yes it’s Menopause High School. What is important is that Shannon’s glass is full and no vodka was spilled during the fight.#VodkaShannon faces the “Storm” of wrath from 3rd wife Meghan (still holding her Vodka). Meggie was definitely hired to make #VS miserable this season by Andy. He loves stirring the pot even more than Tamra!

At the airport Vicki gives Meghan more unsolicited parenting advice about Haley Edmunds. Meghan gives Vicky the stank eye. Tamra put in her two cents, but she actually lost custody of her daughter to Simon and should probably shut up.

David calls Shannon and she thanks him for emoticons on his texts and all the xoxo’s. I can’t make this up.

At the last island dinner Meghan sports an even uglier headband in fuscia, than the black one from last week. I didn’t think it possible. She looks like a gay pirate and wants to address the uncomfortable elephant in the room. Hard to focus on a serious subject while staring at a gay pirate, but the ladies manage not to snicker. Meghan apologizes to Shannon for her delivery in their disagreement and Shannon accepts. Thank God we can all move forward until next week’s fighting begins.

Lesson learned from this trip? Don’t speak. But if you do speak, make sure it isn’t to Tamra Judge or her evil sister Meghan Edmunds or fists will fly.

Moorea has asked for no further Housewife franchises to visit……xoxo

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4 Comments on #RHOC Episode 10 “Girl Code” Fighting and Drinking On The Island Of Moorea With The Ladies Of The OC!

  1. Oh, so those are veneers. Why are they so thick? Blech. Somebody aught to call her out on her drinking! She’s not fooling anybody with that glass of water. Since she has emerald fillings, one would have thought her feng sui or whatever the hell it is, would have kept her teeth healthy. They need to be sanded down so she can close her upper lip.

    Liked by 1 person

    • #VodkaShannon is a straight up fanatic about the weirdest crap! Probably thinks flouride is bad for your teeth, but Vodka kills germs when used as mouth wash. Leann Rimes were way worse! Look back at pics from 4 or 5 yrs ago when she got em’….like a horse mouth!


  2. All I could do during this episode is stare at Shannon’s teeth and wonder if they are just really bad caps or if they are dentures.
    ~also, I’m pretty sure Shannon can drink anybody under the table. Vodka with water is the favorite drink of alcoholics because they think it doesn’t smell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG I’m actually excited to see next week’s episode! #VodkaShannon’s daughter calls out her drinking on camera!! That’s soooooooo bad!! #VS has veneers that need to be filed down like Leanne Rimes and Hilary Duff lol


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