#DeadliestCatch The Polar Ice Pack Closes Down Opilio Season, While The Northwestern Catches Fire….


Congratulations “Deadliest Catch” and Discovery for the Emmy nomination. This show is a great example of the quality programming Discovery channel is capable of making. However, Discovery also produces “Alaskan Bush People”  so if they don’t win the Emmy for “Deadliest Catch” that’s the reason. That show is a crap-fest of the highest degree.

This week’s episode opens with a whiney Jake Anderson, who just doesn’t get his gig yet. He has the mindset of a deckhand, while trying to be Captain. It just doesn’t work that way Jake. The men won’t respect you until you earn their respect. Jake’s negative attitude about “crappy fishing” and his “trip from hell” aren’t helping morale.Yet a small miracle occurs for the Saga- the crab gods deliver a good string to Captain Jake’s quota. For once there are smiles as the men begin to believe in Jake’s ability to find crab. Fortune is short-lived. Captain Sig Hansen places a call to Anderson informing him the polar ice pack is heading directly towards the Saga’s fishing grounds. This is a huge blow for the Saga,which will have to leave its hard-found crab school.Finding his nerve Jake calls his crew to the galley, and explains  they will need to move their gear to avoid being covered by the ice pack. Jake’s poor attitude has spread to his crew, who don’t take the news well and begin extolling the virtues of past Captain Elliot Neece. Jake needs to read some Tony Robbins stat or maybe Moby Dick?

Captains are fighting to get their quotas in before the polar ice pack covers the crab grounds completely. If the pots are under the ice there is no way to salvage the equipment, or the crab.


The ice reports coming in over the radio has Captain Sig Hansen is very worried. It’s 730 miles wide and coming straight for the Northwestern’s 186 crab pots. Each of those pots is $1400 minus the valuable crab inside. Sig makes the decision to harvest his pots that will be closest to the ice first, offload, then run back to try to save his remaining 80 pots from the ice pack. As they are pulling away from offloading the Northwestern’s alarms sound. There is a fire in the wheelhouse. See Video and photos via discovery.com

fire2 fire


On the Wizard the men have worked a 4-day grind made more problematic because a greenhorn came on board already injured. That left them a deckhand short for the entire trip. Keith’s remaining crew digs deep, and pulls the last remaining pots for a full tank. It’s back to town for offloading the Wizard’s crab quota, and the idiot injured greenhorn who’s officially blacklisted on the Bering Sea!


Josh Harris and the Cornelia Marie crew haven’t found a Opilio school of crab yet to catch. With the ice bearing down time is of the essence. As Captain Casey McManus is at the helm disaster hits, there is no steering on the ship! The engineer inspects the rudder control system and find the key way broken. They will have to re-machine the part at sea to get back home. While everyone else is scrambling to fix the boat, Josh Harris sits in the wheelhouse chain-smoking are blasting rock music. It’s so loud Josh can’t hear directions coming up from the engine room, yet he makes NO attempt to turn it down! Josh’s lack of attention almost cost Casey serious injury when he slips the boat it into the wrong gear, as McManus has his hands working deep in the engine below. Casey was so incensed by Josh’s stupidity he couldn’t speak to him for several hours, and made disparaging remarks to the crew instead. Josh Harris loves having the title of “Captain” but isn’t so fond of the actual work needed to be one.

Harris will be in the hot-seat on #TheBait next week for sure!

jake jhjh3

Never a dull moment on the Bering Sea! Except for the fact the last 2 episodes of Deadliest Catch have been almost Hillstrand free. Bring back the Time Bandit Discovery!

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