#IAmCait Episode 3 Is Caitlyn Jenner In A Bathing Suit Educating The Viewer About Real Transgender Struggles?

E! took a major gamble green-lighting “I Am Cait” for a second season before the premiere of season 1. The show continues to lose viewership with each episode due to lack of substance, and a star that the Transgender community has very little in common with. Caitlyn’s biggest issues in transitioning include wearing a swimsuit, paparazzi, professional make-up, designer clothes, and Bruce’s voice. Her counterparts deal with unemployment, discrimination, hate crimes, resorting to sex trade, and being shunned by the general public. How do these very different perspectives make Caitlyn Jenner the right spokesperson for a community she has zero in common with? In addition, Caitlyn’s conservative Republican politics do not bode well for Transgender men/women who rely heavily on social programs for survival that she would see cut. Watch the show closely, and see the reactions of the Transgender ladies hired to portray Caitlyn’s friends. The eye-rolling is barely contained as she complains about rich girl celebrity issues and her “struggles” with swimwear.


Caitlyn has no experience being Transgender and transitioning under “normal” circumstances. She lives in a bubble influenced by Kardashian values. Her lifestyle consists of living on a private $10M Malibu estate, having designers send $5,000 dresses for her to wear in public, professional hair and make-up done daily, tickets to A-list Hollywood events, etc. Caitlyn LOVES her bubble. Heck….I would too! But that incredible 1% lifestyle leaves her inept to represent a long-suffering community at the opposite end of the spectrum. Watching her prance around in a bathing suit while people clap isn’t the social change the Transgender community needs.

I can’t deal with #IAmCait anymore. The roller skating ponytail party was the straw that broke this bitch’s back….

cait2 cj Caitlyn-Jenner-Inline-467

The Daily Mail posted a very telling video by Cut.com asking Transgender people to give a one-word description of Caitlyn Jenner. Enjoy!

Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to speak openly about her transition has been praised by many as being a turning point for the transgender community, and the reality star is now often hailed as a ‘spokesperson’ for other trans people.

But, as a new video by Cut.com reveals, a number of transgender people are still incredibly apprehensive, concerned and even angry about the impact that 65-year-old Caitlyn’s very-public transition has had, and will continue to have, on the community.

Speaking to Cut.com as part of its word association series ‘One Word’, a group of transgender people voiced their blunt and honest opinions about reality star Caitlyn, with their descriptions ranging from the happy and positive – ‘goddess’, ‘brave’ – to frustrated and angry – ‘inept’, ‘tired’.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3195101/Inept-Privileged-Goddess-Transgender-people-reveal-REALLY-feel-Caitlyn-Jenner-brutally-honest-video.html#ixzz3icu9K9Ny

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5 Comments on #IAmCait Episode 3 Is Caitlyn Jenner In A Bathing Suit Educating The Viewer About Real Transgender Struggles?

  1. Bruce/Cait’s face is scary af!

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  2. donewithbravo // August 13, 2015 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    I appreciate your thread on this b/c there’s no way in hell that I’d ever watch it or contribute to the ratings. Sounds like Bruce’s (and Kris’s) dream of raking in millions off of the branding of ‘wonderful’ Caitlyn isn’t going to work out as well as they thought. Good! This entire family deserves a swift kick in the ass and deletion by America!! Bye Felicia!

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    • That was my last episode. Not giving it anymore of my time. Bruce has zero business leading a community he doesn’t understand, nor would give the time of day to in the past 65 yrs of his conservative existence. I stand by my original blogs from a few months ago when I stated he is a cross-dresser. All he really wants to do is preen and prance around in make-up and designer clothes like the rest of the Kardashains. But that stance wouldn’t get him a $500M check so it’s off to the platform he goes. Bruce is no role model.

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