Bravo’s #LadiesOfLondon Land in LA To Do Press For Season 2 Of The Series Starting in September. S1 Available Now On Demand- Enjoy Ladies!

Three of Andy Cohen’s “Ladies Of London” touched down on American soil to promote the show’s sophmore season. While in Los Angeles the British beauties Caroline Stanbury, Marissa Hermer, and Juliet Angus (Hermer and Angus are UK transplants) sat down with TV Guide and Access Hollywood for interviews.

Access Hollywood below


Via the “Beverly Hilton Hotel”

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Driving to the Entertainment Tonight “Pub Crawl” With Luke Hendersen photo-bombing the picture! Luke is Caroline Stanbury’s personal hair and make-up stylist that travels with her everywhere!

ll et

Just another day in paradise for our British “Bravolebrities” right Andy Cohen?

Don’t feel too bad for the ladies. All three made time to spend with friends and family! Marissa Hermer brought husband Matt and her two beautiful boys and spent fun in the sun time together. Matt and Marissa enjoyed “Pageant of the Masters” in Laguna Beach over popcorn. Why go home guys?



Caroline Stanbury-Habib spent time with hubby Cem and the kids at Universal Studios! What a gorgeous family the Habib’s are! Since Caroline brought her make-up artist and a nanny with her to LA, she and Cem were able to take advantage of LA nightlife with Mohammed Hadid and Shiva Safai (Mohammed is often seen with Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH) among others!

hab2 hab


Meanwhile Juliet Angus spend a few days in her hometown of Chicago! Nothing better than seeing family before a hectic press junket with 12 hour days and lots of smiling for the cameras!


Let’s hope Bravo TV send the ladies out for a great meal. After all Lisa Vanderpump is family too has a couple of different options to offer, “Pump” or “SUR.” After the crazy day Caroline, Juliet, and Marissa have had I’m sure they could use a glass of wine or three.

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