Meet #LadiesOfLondon’s Newest Cast Member @CarolineFleming (aka Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff ) – Comfortable As Queen Of Her Denmark Castle or Living Large With Her Kids in London!


If you are a true Ladies Of London enthusiast you’ve no doubt come to love #QueenCaroline as in Stanbury! Well lookout Bravo fans there is a new sheriff Caroline in town. The series second season begins September 7th with Caroline Fleming joining the cast! So…will it be Caroline vs Caroline vying for top position, or CarolineX2 ( new besties ) getting into frisky mischief around the globe? Take it from Caroline Stanbury herself in the clip below, these CarolineX2 have history that will be very entertaining to watch on the small screen.( Hint…they are former roommates! )

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So who is the new Caroline, as in Fleming? It’s true she was born the 11th generation Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff in 1975 at the family home of Valdemor’s Castle in Denmark. Caroline attended college at London’s School of Journalism
in Westminster, and became the author of several successful cookbooks.


On October 13, 2001, she married the British Rory Fleming. The Flemings are the fourth-richest family in England, and Rory is nephew of “James Bond” author Ian Fleming. Caroline she lost her Danish Baronessen title upon her marriage. The couple have two children, Alexander William (born April 7, 2004 at the Portland Hospital, London) and Josephine Margaretha Victoria (born 20 December 2006). Josephine’s godmother is Crown Princess Mary .


Caroline and Rory Fleming were married for 6 years, yet parted amicably in 2008 over Caroline’s “boredom in the relationship.” Caroline received a $400M settlement from Rory who is rumored to be worth more than a billion dollars from his family’s banking firm. The divorce was finalized in 2011.

Caroline-Luel-Brockdorff-Nicklas-Bendtner_portrait_w858 caroline-fleming-2

According to London’s Daily Express:

“Friends suspected that not all was well in the Flemings’ marriage when the couple became reality TV stars in Caroline’s native Denmark after she had persuaded Rory and their children, four-year-old Alexander and Josephine, one, to be filmed at her family’s pile, Valdemars Castle,which is now run as a museum.Former model Caroline, 32, is the daughter of Baron Niels Luel-Brockdorff, who passed the castle to her a few years ago, and the TV series followed her plans to renovate the building. After the split the Fleming family continued to fund the restoration of Valdemar’s Castle.”



( Ladies of London cast traveled to Denmark and filmed at Valdemar’s Castle for Season 2. Nothing like a Bravo expense paid European trip to acquaint the cast with Fleming! )

In 2009 Caroline began a romance with Danish footballer Nicklas Bendtner and in 2010 the couple had a beautiful son they named Nicholas. The couple became engaged during the 16 month relationship, but later called it off .The power couple’s popularity in Denmark rivaled that of the UK’s “Posh and Becks” ( Victoria and David Beckham ) Friends of the super-couple site extreme media pressure, and mounting personal differences led to the permanent split, just 7 weeks after Caroline gave birth. Nicklas Bendtner was only 23 at the time of their child’s birth, and most likely lacked the emotional maturity Caroline needed from the father of her baby. Footballers spend most of the year playing matches away from home. Nicklas wouldn’t be exempt from that scheduling rule, unavoidably putting pressure on the relationship as Caroline was left alone as a new mother.

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In 2010 Caroline Fleming took over hosting duties for the Tyra Banks created “Next Top Model” franchise in Denmark. Fleming hosted the program from season 4 through season 8. It takes a special kind of drive to work in Television, and parent three young children on your own! Being a successful model in her own right, Caroline was the perfect choice to host the competitive reality series which prepares contestants for working in the fashion industry. It also helps the ratings when the hostess is gorgeous like Fleming. Heidi Klum has nothing on you Caroline!

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In the midst of her very hectic life, Caroline Fleming found the time to create a line of Signature fragrances for GOSH Cosmetics Her perfume series consists of “Eau de Vie” and “Eau de Vie: named after her daughter, Josephine Victoria. Caroline also created a line of hosiery called “Beautiful Legs” in 2012. This baroness is an entrepreneur extraordinaire!


Can’t wait to see CarolineX2 on “Ladies Of London!” Make sure and mark your calendars. Premiere episode on BravoTV at 10pm on 9-10-15. will be blogging weekly Ladies Of London episode recaps and cast related news. BravoTV is currently airing season one on Demand if you missed an episode or just want to watch again!
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