#LadiesOfLondon FUNFACTS!! Which Of Our Lovely Cast Members Filmed TWO Reality Shows PRIOR To #BravoTV ?

Drum-roll please………….

TA DA!!! It was our favorite “Daisy Duke on speed” and former LA resident Juliet Angus! She was known as Juliet Rogulewski at the time. Maybe she should have used a more “Hollywood-ish” type handle instead? Julie Rogue sounds fitting, right? Photos are circa 2002-2003 during her time in LA.


IMDB shows Juliet’s credits below:

“Juliet Rogulewski is an actress, known for Beg, Borrow & Deal (2002) and Diva Detectives (2003). Graduated with a B.A in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Southern California. Fluent in Polish.”

Beg , Borrow, and Deal description:

Two teams of four contestants are dropped off in Times Square with nothing but the clothes on their backs. No money, no transportation, not even a toothbrush! Their goal is to Beg, Borrow & Deal their way to Alcatraz Island. Along the way they must talk their way into professional sporting events where they need to interact with athletes. Josh Gates from “Destination Truth” was also a cast member.

Diva Detectives

No description available. Format listed as Reality TV and co-stars “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” former cast member Joyce Giraurd.

wanker3 ladies-of-london-juliet-caroline-bff

How interesting! Seems our little Juliet was quite intent on finding Reality TV fame before she got married and lived in Southern California. Going to school at USC put her in the right place to pursue fame. Angus definitely signed up for “Ladies Of London” with a similar agenda, trying to stand out as the “Crazy American with no manners.” Her BravoTV role does seem anti-productive to a having career in fashion PR, where reputation is everything. The tenacious Angus made her TV dreams come true with the success of “Ladies” and there is no denying her presence kept the drama flowing in season one. Weather you love Juliet Angus, or want to choke her, her savvy on camera chops make for great Bravo mischief.

Ladies Of London begins September 7th at 10pm on BravoTV!


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