#KylieJenner SO Insecure About Her 20 lb Weight Gain “Photo-shops” Instagram Pictures Next To Model Sis @KendallJenner! #KUWTK

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday didn’t do much for her self-confidence. She’s on the island of St.Barths with the Kardashian clan filming their annual family vacation episode. After unflattering photos were posted of Kylie celebrating her birthday in Mexico surfaced last week, she photo-shopped a picture to appear thinner next to model sis Kendall today. How sad that this kid only cares about how she looks and has no self-esteem. Somebody teach her beauty comes from within and not from injections.

Kylies Thighs

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3 Comments on #KylieJenner SO Insecure About Her 20 lb Weight Gain “Photo-shops” Instagram Pictures Next To Model Sis @KendallJenner! #KUWTK

  1. I can’t believe that some stoopid hobby blocker said that I was hateful and vile on her Facebook page. And dangerous. All I have ever said about Jenner is that he is a shitty father for not taking care of his youngest daughter and allowing her to date a man- pig and surgeries to make herself into a sex object. If you don’t worship Caitlin you are a very bad person evidently.

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  2. donewithbravo // August 19, 2015 at 3:08 am // Reply

    That’s a weird pic. Even her boobs look average. I agree that her thighs look photoshopped, but I think that this hugely round butt/thigh area is what they’re paying for!! They think it’ll look good and it’ll attract the african american men. Again, I’m just waiting for these people and ALL of the Housewives people to sink on a ship, to their demise, so that the public could finally be done with them once and for all!!

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