#RHOC @ShannonBeador Tries (And Fails) To Get Meghan Edmunds in Trouble During Brooks’s Birthday Dinner With Vicki Gunvalson. #VodkaShannon Can’t Win!!


The big drama on last night’s #RHOC was created by none other than the queen of “Grey Goose” #VodkaShannon. Perhaps her judgement was impaired by her pre-filming ritual of 20 vitamins, 9 lemons, and a 32oz serving of her go to beverage. Daughter Stella even called out #VodkaShannon for drinking last night! From the mouths of babes….


Anyhoo…#Gramballs gave a “hot-buns” class to the housewives at Cut Fitness. Shannon peed her pants because she gave birth to an almost 9lb baby that “ripped her vadge apart” and now leaks like Wiki. It wouldn’t be a #RHONY episode without a Beador bodily function report.


As the ladies cooled down with sparkling sake and cake in celebration of Brook’s birthday they discussed Brooks’ latest cancer treatments and his plans to quit chemo. After Vicky and her man left the gym, the conversation turned to the ladies session with a psychic (minus Vicki) that took place the previous evening. Meghan brought up the fact that the psychic said “Brooks doesn’t have cancer” during the reading. A “does he or doesn’t he” have the disease conversation erupted with none of the ladies taking sides or treating the reading as the truth. However, good ol’ #VodkaShannon saw this as an opportunity to play the telephone game and blame to Meghan for the conversation about Brooks. #VS must have had special orange juice before hitting the gym because her memory is a bit sketchy!  Meghan was talking about the psychic readings that they were all present for, and said nothing bad about Brooks.


Cut to dinner later that night. Brooks, Vicky, David Beador, and #VodkaShannon are all out together to celebrate Brook’s birthday! #VS decides this would be the perfect time to take Vicky to the restroom and tell her the gossip about Brooks among the ladies. Except there was no gossip! #VodkaShannon tries to take her agenda with Meghan and use it to her advantage by tattling to Vicki! Gunvalson’s reaction was volcanic (see video) and puts #VS in her place.


Of course #VodkaShannon rushed to put up her Bravo blog to explain her point of view!

“I was floored Meghan brought up that a psychic said Brooks didn’t have cancer—right before I am on my way to celebrate his birthday. That to me is the ultimate pot stirring. Tamra and Heather were present with the psychic so the only reason Meghan even brought it up was for me to find out. I think it is irresponsible to insinuate that someone doesn’t have an illness, especially cancer, based on a psychic reading. I am even more upset Meghan has put me in the position where I know this outrageous and hurtful information and am about to celebrate Brooks’ birthday.

As Brooks’ dinner went on, I was sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to ruin the dinner, but I didn’t want Vicki to ever come back to me saying that as a friend, I should have warned her that something happened after the booty class. I didn’t tell Vicki what Meghan said and I was extremely upset that she went back to the table and announced that something negative was said about Brooks. Dinner instantly ruined. Meghan put me in a no-win situation—keep horrendous information a secret from my good friend or destroy the night. And it continues into next week. Until then…XO”


Nobody put you in that situation Debbie Delusional except you yourself! Last week you called out Meghan for playing the “Telephone Game” yet this week you do the EXACT same thing? The deep dark truth is you have crippling insecurities where your relationships are concerned. Spend time building your esteem up, not being a doormat for David or Vicki. Your dislike of Meghan has been apparent since her first episode. David flirted with her Meghan at Heather’s “hodown” party last year. Add that insult to the devastation over his infidelity, and Meghan becomes #VS’s jealous target for her displaced David anger. It’s painful to watch #VodkaShannon self-destruct in public.

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5 Comments on #RHOC @ShannonBeador Tries (And Fails) To Get Meghan Edmunds in Trouble During Brooks’s Birthday Dinner With Vicki Gunvalson. #VodkaShannon Can’t Win!!

  1. I am glad that people are being honest and admitting that Meghan is beautiful. Anybody who says otherwise must look like Giselle Bunchen. She dresses like an idiot with the towel head thing, and she is a freaking dope and her husband despises her, but she is undeniably pretty. Shannon Beador is fifty and has a ten year old so she had children later in life it seems. But, she is a tired looking fifty and the Fire Marshall Bill choppers are not helping. But mostly it is her Debbie downer personality that makes her unattractive. She is not happy unless everyone else is miserable. Even the therapist took David’s side. Who cares what some fake psychic said. When you hear garbage you throw the garbage ou the other ear. She certainly did not need to ruin Crooksy’s birthday party. What is she a 12 yr. old who can’t keep a secret for one day?
    The real reason I post is to say hello and I have decided to watch that fish show that you and Ms.stoopid seem to enjoy. I feel left out. Hopefully I can find a marathon so that I know what you guys are talking about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG! Welcome to the dark side! Ms SH blames me for her Deadliest Catch addiction after I badgered her in to watching “Just 1” episode. She bought a boxed set of all 11 previous seasons and has watched 90% of them! Be careful….you too will get “hooked” on DC BUWAHAHAAAAAA


  2. Vodka Shannon is a mental case of epic proportions. She felt sick to her stomach and just HAD to tell Vicky right away. Once again, she makes everything about her. Her dumb excuse for ruining the birthday dinner was that this information was eating her alive. First of all, you heard about an idiotic rumor from a psychic. You didn’t even need to tell Vicky about it at all. That is what a good friend would have done. If Vicky were to go to her and say, why didn’t you tell me that the girls and a psychic were discussing Brooks faking his cancer ?(I feel dumber for having typed that) A mature person and a true friend would have said, “It was so stupid that it did not bear repeating. I don’t repeat idiotic gossip. Because I am your friend. Instead, she ruins the birthday dinner for everybody including her long-suffering husband and then cries about the mess she created. She is such an ass. I’m glad Vicky told her off and stormed off. It was a very shitty thing for Shannon to do. She drinks too much straight vodka, and she is a pain in the ass. I really don’t like her and I hope her husband gets a divorce. He seems like a nice upbeat guy who married a neurotic woman and does not know how to disengage himself from the situation. Even their therapist was on David’s side 100%. He deserves to have a woman that makes him happy instead of miserable. We only go around once.

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    • #VodkaShannon need REAL meds, not her homeopathic crap. Her life could use a little Prozac and Xanax with a shot of Estrogen to combat menopausal symptoms. The Vodka isn’t helping her at all. David won’t stay forever. He can’t even look at her most days. She will become attractive to others when she’s attractive to herself.


  3. Yay! I love getting post alerts in my email!
    Hope she goes to rehab.
    David has long since ‘checked-out’ and will not be ‘returning’. He is responsible for not showing respect for his marriage by having an affair instead of just filing for divorce and then catting around. Shannon will milk this the rest of her days. The girls will pick men like David and behave like their mother. Sad!
    Personal accountability is the cornerstone of integrity. Both have neither.


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