#RHONY Reuinon Part 1 @Bethenny #Frankelsten Will Be Hearing From Hoppy! Carole Radziwell Revealed Facts About Jason, The Divorce, and Brynn on RHONY!! Judge Won’t Like It!

Bitch By Bravo

After watching the RHONY mind-numbing shit fest Reunion part 1 last night on Bravo, I have a few takeaways to share!


  1. Countess Louann trying to stage a Coup d’Etat against Bethenny Frankel before the season began by recruiting the other HW’s to “Take Bethenny down.” She’s obviously being coached by Jill Zarin so it backfired. Louann tried to lie her way out of “toasting” with the other ladies to the takedown, but she looked guilty and foolish and began needing air.
  2. Countess Louann likes boning 21-25 year olds on vacation, as long as they aren’t hired help and cameras don’t catch her. Luckily the ladies all outed her during the reunion and Louie began to sweat profusely!
  3. Countess Louann hates that Carole sleeps with her hired help (Former chef!) or has the audacity to date them! Louann is mad because she didn’t get to nail her niece’s ex-boyfriend before Carole did.
  4. Countess Louann has…

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