#FearTheWalkingDead Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap: Makes You Think Twice About Getting That Flu Shot! AMC’s “WalkingDead” Prequel Takes Us To The Beginning…..Of The End


I love the irony of civilization ending in LA. The city famous for its “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”,  the Motion Picture industry, and Trashy Lingerie, all wiped out by a bad case of super-flu? Sweet!

All of that exercise,Vegan dieting, and waist training seems a tad silly now, eh Kylie Jenner? I wonder if Botox and Juviderm are possible “Walker” repellents? ( Her tee says it all folks! )


Tonight’s premiere kicked off with a full day’s marathon of S5 of “The Walking Dead” and a pre-show “Talking Dead” hosted by “Nerdist” Chris Hardwick. Producer and Show-runner Scott Gimple gave few clues about S.6 other than,

“it’s bigger!” “It’s better” blah blah blah…… (If you kill Daryl or Glen I am done SO tread lightly Gimple!! )

Gimple tries to warn us that main characters will AGAIN die in the upcoming season. I’m warning Gimple that he will kill the heart of the show if they go any further. Hershel’s death wasn’t needed to support the story (Beth would have been a better substitute)and the 2nd half of season 4 died with him. Season 5 really struggled without the humanity and wisdom of Herschel Greene. The “Losing Beth” story-line was ridiculous. Hell, they never bothered to check back for poor Andrea after the farm, yet they spend 6 episodes traveling thru Atlanta as the entire group searches for idiot Beth? Beth’s death at the end caused barely a ripple due to her minor character status.

Perhaps instead of paying attention to “The Walking Dead” head writer Robert Kirkman, producer Gale Anne-Hurd, and Gimple put their primary efforts into the spin-off. Viewers fear the quality of  “bread-winner”  Walking Dead will suffer with the companion series airing in 2015. Season 6 of TWD airing in October 2015 will settle the argument of quality vs quantity in “AMC’s Zombieland”.

A preview clip from season 6 of “The Walking Dead”  is the highlight of the boring Nerdist hour #TalkingDead Our survivors are in Alexandria and demented Morgan shows up to play. Rick vs.Morgan vie for control of the group.


WalkingDeadMemes_33  flu-shot

Finally #FTWD begins!!

Dream sequence……dude’s dream girlfriend Gloria is hungry……..she’s seen having a “Manwich” or two. Boy wakes up sweaty in the middle of the street, his name is Nick. Nick is taken to the hospital and is questioned by the cops who believe he is a psych risk or under the influence so he’s in retraints. Mom, Mom’s boyfriend, and Nick’s sister all show up and immediately brawl. Nick apparently has a major drug problem and has been hospitalized EVERYWHERE..

BF/Travis is divorced with a son named Chris who doesn’t want to see his dad on dad’s scheduled visitation weekend. Dad gets pissy and says “keep him” to ex-wife Liza. Such amazing childhood memories! I’m sure we will delve further in this pile of family poo soon enough.

Nick’s mom, Madison Clark, is a guidance counselor at his High School.She’s the resident “cool adult” on campus.Uh Oh!  A kid named Tobias brings a knife to school, and Madison (because she’s cool) saves him from getting expelled. He confides to counselor Maddie that websites are saying,” the flu epidemic in 5-states is a conspiracy and that everyone is in danger.” She does the condescending adult dismisal so we know that in a few episodes “Tobias was right!” will be uttered after shit hits the fan. Great writing Kirkman.

Junkie Nick wakes up in the hospital from yet another “Gloria” nightmare that the staff calls “drug withdrawal.” He tells his mom’s BF Travis about his Gloria dream visions, which include his scoring drugs and taking them in a church with her. BF Travis was on-board until Nick mentions Gloria’s penchant for “Manwiches” and decides he’s really just insane or still high. Travis is curious about Nick’s story though, and decides to explore it on his own. ( LMAO seriously? )

Cut to BF Travis on a field trip alone trying to find Nick’s drug house. So not plausible. Mom’s BF is going to look for my drug-den dream location which may or may not exist while I’m detoxing? Uh..NEVER.!! He doesn’t see his own son Chris, but will go to the mat for Nick? K..  A drug addict then runs screaming past Travis after being discovered hiding in the building. After seeing blood spattered walls that look like a chainsaw massacre Travis screams, “Anyone here?”  Good way to alert “Leatherface” Trav. He then trips on a floor soaked with blood and decides Nick is telling the truth. Mom picked a real winner in Travis.

Meanwhile Nick’s sister Alicia Clark laments about her brother Nick’s drug addiction to her boyfriend Cal. They make a cute couple. Hopefully they will get to be in a bi-racial relationship without having to explore the fact that they are in one. Plans are made to hook-up later, but the boy never shows? #MustBeAZombie

Travis works as a teacher in the same school that Madison counsels at. She gazes at him lovingly thru the door. Yuck.

Back at the hospital Nick is sharing a room with a “soon-to- be- zombie” patient that is wheezing. He asks his nurse to untie one of his restraints for comfort. The wheezing guy goes “code blue” and the emergency crew rushes him out to ICU. Nick uses this time to escape from both restraints and the hospital. Travis and Madison show up looking for Nick. Madison tells Travis to take her to the dream drug den he located on the field-trip as a possible way to find Nick. During the drive we see the first walkers alone in a park, we know what they are….. At the den there are no bodies left (Gloria was hungry!) but tons of gore. Madison “Maddie” sees the conditions her son lived in while there and breaks down. In the background shots, we see Police and EMS units get heavier. Civil unrest has begun! Videos are shown of people being eaten and shot. They need Shane from “The Walking Dead” to work this out in his own special way.


Cut back to the school…which is rather empty. The kids that are there share photos/videos of zombies killing police and EMS personnel. Of course they don’t believe the footage is real as our new generation of rocket scientists don’t have proper wattage. They are super happy though when it’s announced that school’s out! All except TRAVIS! Yep good old Travis giving the “I told you so” look with major stank-eye to Mrs. Clark. Good think I didn’t predict that a few paragraphs above.

Kim Dickens as Madison- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC

Kim Dickens as Madison- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC

Nick is seen roaming the streets of Downtown LA alone. Is he looking for dope? Nick thinks his nightmares were caused by bad drugs. He tells his friend Cal the dealer about the bloody drug den he saw in his dream. Nick asks Cal if the dope he bought from him was laced with PCP? Dealer Cal is more concerned about a bad drug reputation (My shit is good bitch!) than the bloody drug den Nick has described. Nick and the dealer take a “Goodfellas” drive to the empty canal where the “Grease” racing for pink slips scene was filmed. Dealer Cal goes full “DeNiro” and tries to whack Nick with a hidden gun. Nick somehow shoots and kills Cal. Nick runs home to mom and tells her and Travis about killing Cal. They all rush back to the scene (Instead of calling the police?) and find Cal’s body is gone.He’s soon found doing an un-dead walk in a nearby tunnel. Maddie and Travis run to help Cal, but he has gone full- zombie and is now trying to eat Mom and BF Travis! Nick rescues them by taking Drug dealer zombie Cal out with the family truck. Meanwhile, Maddie and Travis look more stupid than scared as they stand gaping at whats left of Cal

Mom exclaims,”What the hell is happening!”

Welcome to “Fear The Walking Dead” ………..I give it a C+

kim dickens

Here are the first 3 minutes of the Pilot episode 1 of #FearTWD


Get to know the characters of “Fear The Walking Dead” courtesy of AMC.com


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  1. I’m scared to watch Wayward Pines. Should I binge watch it?

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  2. I made a decision not to watch this show. While I realize it is a very good show, I have enough zombies in my life with the Walking dead. But I am sure it will be a huge success. Do you watch the “Leftovers” ? It is a very weird show, but I like it.

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